Tuesday, October 09, 2007

This morning I was having a little trouble getting copacetic with the day, but when I raised my head from my Rice Krispies what did I see? O, what did I see......

The whole valley was suffused in a luminous pink light. The camera is never very far from the breakfast table, and we, the camera and I, rushed out to drench our spirits in this ethereal splendour and see what images we could capture.... I thought I might have died and gone to heaven, but there were no pearly gates around, so I went about my picture taking business, in great awe. Husband tells me it is the angle of the sun deflecting off the clouds, which have to be at just the right height, etc., but no matter what the physics the effect on the soul is pretty stupendous.

The delicate pinks were in the East, but to the West the sun caught the clouds and turned them into a medley of fruit colours, - soft apricot, fuzzy peach, served up in a dish of palest blue.

But wait a millisecond, - the sky deepens, the clouds fold in a delicious froth, but still the air is bathed in tenderest rose.

This afternoon I hope to take a picture of the metamorphose of the neighbours row of pear trees.

Someone has laid a line along its length, lit the fuse and turned the pear trees into a row of golden torches.

Back over in the corner of the pasture the sumac competes in a blazing display of pyrotechnics.

The day ends with dour, grey skies, but they only emphasis the Autumn colours, and make them glow. Husband and I returned from a drive to get the perennial paper, suffused with the beauty of the day, and happy with what we had accomplished.

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