Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The other night, whilst Stumbling through the rolling green sward that covers Google's treasures, I came upon the Fly Lady.

At one time I was on familiar terms with the Fly Lady, for a period of about three weeks in 2004. It took me about that long to get bored with polishing my sinks, but in the beginning there must have been a chaotic crisis to send me cruising for her advice.

Well, then we moved into a new house, and it is only now that the newness has worn off, - I see the cobwebs faintly, clinging to the corners of the cathedral ceiling. The drawers in the kitchen are all in need of sorting, discarding and re-arranging. The stockings and lingerie have escaped from their prettily lined shoe box compartments in the bureau drawers. The Linen closets (I do have two, but one of them was assigned to Husband as a recompense when the second bedroom became the Loom Room) are stuffed to the gills. Despite a scrupulous Martha Stewart ordering of the Linen closet just a year ago, (I did stop short of the ribbons tied around the towels....) I am amazed at what has found its way on to the topmost shelf and into and on top of the baskets that sit on the floor. I don't plan to take a picture, but you would be amazed too.....

And the pantry - large, large sigh when I consider the pantry. We all know what a pantry is supposed to look like..... Believe me, it is going to take a number of marathon sessions with the Fly Lady before mine bears any semblance to the picture below. Oh well, it's just a picture, and probably staged for the camera, think you not???

Nevertheless, I think there is probably a week coming up soon in which anyone who ventures near this house will find the Lady of Same Abode with her head deep in cupboards and drawers, or virtuously scrubbing lintels and doors and any other woodwork that requires attention.

I have a friend who is moving shortly, and all of her children are coming to help her downsize and clean house. I have considered this solution, but I think I have played that card to its fullest value, not too long ago.

There is nothing for it but to put on some merry, invigorating music, and make like Ethel, the Cleaning Lady, with the occasional peek at the Fly Lady for sanctimonious advice.

We all know this will not be a Swiffer Operation - Deep Cleaning is the name of the game.

Click on the arrow and listen to the merry music..

oops, - I pulled the plug.

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Alberta Girl said...

Ah....Flylady....I put her on vacation a couple of years ago and I seem to still be on vacation???.....perhaps your bringing her to my attention is for a reason.

The pantry seems to be that little room behind closed doors that makes it easy to "clean" your kitchen when unexpected company shows up...or the storer of all the old packages of food that you moved with you to the new house years ago....

Happy cleaning.