Sunday, October 28, 2007

I award myself ONE point for having finally brought Procrastination to its knees and finishing my lovely black and white deflected double weave scarf, just as depicted in Handwoven.....perhaps a cowardly way to do it, but it was my first effort at this weave, and I did need the practice. And besides, it is such an intriguing pattern, thank you Madelyn. It has some bitty errors, but it's done. And I'm sure that a blind man going by on a horse would be pleased to see them......

HOWEVER...... I award Procrastination ONE HALF A POINT for having succeeded in keeping me from this accomplishment for a good six months, during which the battle was grim and tenacious, and it was touch and go who would slide first down the slippery slope to the place where the streets are paved with good intentions.

I have no illusions. Procrastination will be back, as I tackle that last part of the warp and devise a different patterned scarf for Husband.

Never mind. I will have him on my side, prodding and pushing for the project to be finished...... and he's a good nagger, in his own sweet way.

Do I hear titters and snorts from errant offspring?

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