Saturday, September 29, 2007

Well, there are piano recitals, and then there are Piano Recitals Par Excellence... (click to enlarge)

Today Husband and I answered an invitation to a Piano Recital presented by the students of Donna Fishwick's Piano Studio when we attended an absolutely splendid musical afternoon in Osoyoos.

Donna is the daughter of our dear friend who is approaching his 100th birthday in December, and in his honour she filled a shiney wine coloured coach with twenty students and their families and brought them from Vancouver to the Osoyoos United Church to perform for him.

What a wonderful birthday gift..... we are filled right to the brim with the most marvelous piano music. This is a group of students who are dedicated and inspired, and no doubt supported all the way by their parents. They have visited Europe three times on concert tours, and besides spectacular piano solos they play two piano duets and have a DVD entitled Forty Flying Fingers.

Most amazing performances, - four fourteen year old boys, with the most relaxed and bequiling smiles, playing the "Poet and Peasant" Overture, and then Sousa's Stars and Stripes Forever, stirring two pianos with such spirit that they sounded like a full orchestra.

And a young boy, just turned twelve, leaving us in wonderment at the dexterity and vitality with which he played "The Juggler" by Toch.

Another quartet played Schubert's Marche Militaire, and Husband bemusedly remembered playing this same piece at a Piano Recital, but somewhat lacking the same aplomb.

I noted the wrist positions and the arm and finger movements, and recalled how Donna had taught our two oldest children when she first began her career, and the various touch techniques she recommended for practising.

These were wonderfully appealing young people, - disciplined, at ease, happy and enormously talented.

When the Recital closed with the Grande Galop de Concert by the same quartet who opened the program, presentations were made to Sterling, our friend, and everyone enjoyed birthday cake and conversation.

Tonight I delight in remembering thirty beautiful piano renditions, twenty young people for whom music is so obviously an important part of their life, and a dedicated teacher who inspires and guides them with such easy grace.

A simply stupendous afternoon, - wish you could have all been there.

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Willo said...

Dear Hildred,
We were almost there with your excellent description of the concert and the great (big) picture of the young people. Willo