Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Boys and Toys

A question from the Valley...

Answer me this - how many grown up boys do you know of who have reached the age of 83 and still have a backyard full of dirt to play in and a tractor to move it around from one place to another?????

Here is Husband, doing a wheely on the old and faithful Tractor.

And pushing that dirt all up hill to fill in around the garage and tamp it down.

This is a part time job, - he only works mornings in case you were thinking of hiring the Man and his Machine.

A fine job, - well done. I'd recommend him to anyone. He's a Keeper........


Not a Granny said...


I just wanted to tell you how beautiful your photos are. I don't even know how I found your blog, but I am really enjoying it!

Thank you for helping to make my days a little brighter.

PS..How is The Man with fencing? I would accept part time. LOL

Hildred said...

Oh, he's a jack-of-all trades.

Takes a lot of TLC though...