Friday, April 20, 2007

Tip Toeing through the Tulips
and other early blossoms

There was a welcoming mildness to
the air this morning, and I rushed through the laundry and other things that seemingly demanded attention before slipping out into the garden with the snippers, the rake and the camera.

In the short time I was able to enjoy the stillness (before the wind
came whistling off the snow on the high mountains) I was able to admire the lovely golden tulips that opened for the first time today.

Further along the path the perennial allysum and the elephants ears bloomed together, side by each, in perfect harmony.

The flowering almond
that we rescued from the Lost Garden after it suffered a hit and run and lay around with badly broken trunk has now made a marvelous recovery. It is only a little shrub that needs the touch of the Master Pruner to make it into a tree again, but the blossoms that it bears are as lovely as ever.

The daffodils in the roadside bed are beginning to rest for next year's show, but the little grape hyacinths that circle the bed are growing deep and are the bluest of blues.

These nights one goes to bed with great anticipation for what the morning will bring!

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