Tuesday, April 17, 2007


an outrageous flirt and a seductive minx

After her shameful abandonment yesterday I little expected to find her languishing outside our bedroom window when I woke this morning.

She seduced me into rising and after a hurried breakfast leaving in the early morning light to accompany Husband to Penticton, where he was sp
eaking to a Grade 11 Class of Pen High about the part the Airforce played in the last war.

How could I resist another chance to cross the pass into the Okanagan at this special time of year - (and how could I resist the chance to visit Knapps' Plantland, all on my own, while Husband enlightened the current generation!!!!)

How many hundred and hundreds of time we have made that trip into Penticton, - each time it is familiar, but different, all at the same time and depending upon the season of the year.

The first time we traveled this r
oad was while it was still a gravel trail, up and over Yellow Lake, and in the first year we were married. The road bore little resemblence to the Highway today, and it passed Yellow lake midway up the north side of the lake.

We took a picnic, and we traveled in George and Kay Angliss's
old truck, a bumpy ride but a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon with good friends.

Old and somewhat tattered pictures, full of happy memories.

We did a lot of"Firsts" with the Angliss'. They were our first dinner guests when we dined a la fresco under the cherry trees. George designed our first house. And it was the Angliss', as Artists and friends, who first opened my eyes to the beautiful colours to be found in both the Okanagan and the Similkameen Valley. The greens, the sages, the rose coloured rock, - the gold, the steely blue and green coloured rock, the copper and the garnet shades. All so breathtakingly beautiful.

This morning these colours were especially spectacular as the morning sun brightened them, and created long shadows as we drove through the pass and down into the Okanagan Valley. The garnet coloured rock wall just above Kaledan shone as though burnished.

On the way out of Keremeos we took pictures of the Olalla bushes, dancing like so many tutued fairies amidst the evergreens.

We came home to find the animals indignant at being left two days in a row, despite Daughter's caring visit to hand out treats and attend to business trips.

As we drove up the road we took pictures of the neighbour's peach trees, in full bloom.

And the Plum Blossoms at the bottom of the road, just past the Big House.

I tenderly unloaded the flat of yellow pansies that are going to brighten up the front steps, once Spring has settled down and decided to be a constant companion.

Alas, she was not in a constant mood this afternoon, - wandered off to rest a while, and in her place sent wind and clouds and the hint of snow in the Upper Valley.

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