Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Local Orchard Bar and its Patrons

While coming up the road today I noticed that the Patrons of the Orchard Bar and Pub were having a
raucous time, drinking from fermented apples, telling naughty jokes and generally raising hell and putting a prop under it!

Whilst the little birds, - the Finches the Thrushes, the Robins and even the Sparrows - stayed soberly home, the Starlings and the Blackbirds perched high in the apple trees, surveying the world in an inebriated splendour, sweeping down every few minutes to have another sip of the fermented apple cider that kept them in this glorious state!!!

The owner of the Pub was absent, and the wickedly merry birds took advantage of the situation to indulge their serious drinking habits until someone called Time, Gentlemen!

I continued on my way up the road, reminiscing about days when husbands were young and sometimes spent Saturday afternoons in the Local Bar, enjoying themselves in much the same way as our glossy feathered friends! And with much the same results.....

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