Thursday, March 15, 2007

As Spring Advances

Husband and I drive along the river bank to check on the current condition of the run-off.

To day we found the ice had disappeared from the
sides of the banks, and the river was flowing at a fast pace. In places, as it pounded against a curve in the river, one could almost say it was boiling. Certainly simmering......

And the snow is disappearing fr
om the lower slopes.

Whereas two weeks ago the K on the mountain was dramatically outlined with snow, today there are only outlines of small slides to emphas
is the feature which gives the mountain its name.

We are reminded of various spring times over the last twenty years while we were living in the valley bottom that caused a fair amount of anxiety over the threat of flooding. The looms and the piano lived on the lower floor of the old house, and their safety in case of flooding was always of the utmost concern.

This year is particularly tricky, with record snowfalls in the hills and a late spring run-off.

The hope is for continued coolish weather, - warm enough to keep the creeks happily gurgling into the rivers that feed the Similkameen, and the ground water soaking into the hills. No rain or hot weather welcome.....

This valley has been devastated by flooding twice in the last sixty years, and as we drove along the river bank we looked with skepticism at the large, expensive homes that have been built on vulnerable flood plain land.

I did not mention this at Lunch with the Ladies today, as three of them are living on properties that have been inundated with wild water in the past.

Despite the wonderful river bottom land we left behind, we are thankful to be back on the hillside!

We watch spring advance with delight, but also with some trepidation!!

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