Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Comic Team of Caspar and Calico

featuring Calico, the Aerial Cat
and Caspar, whose main claim to fame is in being the Straight Guy

So here we have Miss Calico, in full flight, landing on the Master's Chair.

She scouts the territory, - perches at the top in watchful attack position and waits, coiled and poised - ready to leap!

Not terribly well camouflaged, but that's of no never mind - the Straight Guy is old and doesn't see too well.

Besides, - his eye is on the ball, which he has inveigled the Master to throw for him.

The leap is made , - the Straight Guy, surprised and confused by this sudden attack, gropes for the ball.

He has it!!!

He has it!!

Drat it, - says Calico, - temporarily grounded.

Another time, another place......

In the meantime a short snooze, back to back, on the love seat.

The objects of our affection, - their performances are spontaneous and entertaining.

They bring laughter to our lives and we just love them all to bits!!! God bless them.

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