Monday, February 26, 2007

Sharing the beauty of the Hippeastrum Philadelphia Amaryllis. That wot helps to get me through these gloomy days of February.


The willow trees are turning golden, but still the wind is bitter and the valley is shrouded with cloud most mornings.

I remember a ditty from my young days on the prairies when Spring was not expected in February, and we didn't get antsy about it until April.

"Spring, forsooth.

It's all a myth. Winter will stay
Rock-bound forever and a day,
Despite what calendars may say.

And if today the air seems mild
I'm not, I swear, one whit bequiled -
Tomorrow new snow will be swirling wild.

I've stopped my wistful wondering
I'm quite convinced there's no such thing
As Spring!"

Not time yet to be so despairing of its late arrival in this desert clime, - but soon! soon!

We planted potatoes on the 4th of March in the spring of 1988, and with great enthusiam.


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