Thursday, December 28, 2006

Somebody new has taken up residence, with headquarters in the Big Bathroom.

But she has quickly taken to roaming the rest of the house....

and capturing hearts right and left!!

When I first heard that David, our grandson, was wondering if we were ready for another kitten yet, the pain I felt at losing Miss Roo last spring twinged in my mind and behind my eyes.

When Christmas passed and no kitten arrived on the doorstep I thought an awkward moment had been avoided.

But when David and Missy arrived on Boxing Day I knew that he was wise, and I was beguiled by this little miniature image of Miss Roo, - friendly and sweet and full of adventure. When she first met Caspar I venture to say that she was the "spitting" imagine of Miss Roo, but after two days they are becoming comfortable with each other.

Any objection Husband might have had to another little animal around the house was immediately overcome by his soft and tender heart for all things small and vulnerable.

So we start our days with Missy - the only name she has so far, and perhaps that is the one she will end up with.

Thank you David!!

P.S. A wee, tiny, fragile kitten has inspired Husband to remember to put down the lid of the toilet in his bathroom. UP UP with MISSY!!!!!

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