Friday, December 29, 2006

Here is Miss Roo in September, 2005. With a bell around her neck so that we could discourage her wandering spirit that yearned for "home" and the Lost Garden.

And here is Missy, sitting in the same window, but looking in, instead of out! Methinks that portends good things, and she will hopefully be a stay at home cat.

Today Missy and Caspar had their first skirmish. He is being amazingly patient, but she became just a little too familiar when she decided to sniff his leg! Indeed, - decidedly too familiar. I had thought it would have been his waving tail that would initiate the first stand-off, if she should decide to bat at it with her little paw. Not so - and I'm afraid we have lost some ground in the friendship game.

All this happened later in the morning, but first thing, just after getting up, here is the spectacular sunrise that kept us outside in the cold wind, taking pictures and marvelling at the fiery beauty.

Eventually the colours faded to a soft gold, and so began the day!

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