Monday, September 25, 2006

Picking Apples, amongst other things.....

Today was the day for the Big Machinery to come and dig out the bank at the back of the house, in readiness for the new garage.

Two nice golden delicious apple trees had to be sacrificed to the Big Machinery, in order to make room for this new garage, - as a matter of fact we have never owned a garage before!!!

This called for picking the apples from the trees before the afternoon's carnage. I am very sensitive to the destruction of trees, after the wholesale removal of the trees my husband had planted in the Lost Garden. However, I am also fond of picking apples, - have always found it a most pleasant occupation. Especially when the sky is blue, the clouds are white and fluffy and there is a hint of fall in the air, even though the sun is benignly warm.

When I was a child I read a book about an annual apple picking day at a boarding school, - for some reason I found the description of this day particularly appealing. I don't know if this influenced the way I felt about having an apple orchard and the pleasure of picking in it, - I certainly thought that boarding schools must be a great deal of fun .

I was up early and out with a bucket, having decided a picking bag was beyond me at my advanced age. First bucket was a breeze, - second bucket was still fun - third bucket filled up the box, and I looked at it with great satisfaction.

The second box was a little wearing on my shoulders, - by the time I had picked four boxes my eyes lit up and my heart lightened when I saw David, our grandson, trudging up the hill towards the house. Sent by his father.
I was so grateful for his help.....

I disappeared into the house to collect the coffee for a mid morning break, and while I was gone the young one was busy filling up the rest of the boxes, both big buckets and a large yellow plastic bin.

In the meantime Husband was doing what he does best now, - making order out of chaos with the tractor.

While the little dog ran around, delighted to be outdoors and invited to the party.

Until, alas, he step
ped on something that pierced his foot, and in the process of having it removed also got a bit of a haircut.

Whining and complaining all the while!!

In the late afternoon we all went for a drive and took this pretty picture of an all together different apple orchard.

Who can help but love

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