Saturday, September 30, 2006

The last days of September have been full of a tranquil beauty, even as the leaves turn colour, quietly and imperceptibily.

I looked up into the Cawston hills late this afternoon and suddenly noticed all the deciduous trees whi
ch follow the water lines have dyed their leaves the colour of the fall sunset that graced the skies last night.

The garden needs to have a
good trimming. Lots of tidying and dead heading demanding attention, but first the removal of dandelions and assorted other weeds that arrived with the marvelous soil we laid down this spring. I have taken to sitting on a stool to do this task, and when one little section is cleared I look at it with satisfaction and imagine the spot all planted with spring bulbs.

The spring bulbs are hiding in the hall closet......all except for the paper whites which are tucked away i
n the bottom crisper drawer of the fridge. They are Christmas bulbs, and are overly anxious to set forth on their growing adventure. I have grown wise to their ways, and know now just about when to pot them up so that they won't rush the season and be just a pot of limp greenery when they should be wonderfully fragrant white Christmas blooms.

I had the opportunity the othe
r day of dropping Husband off at a Veteran's luncheon and skittering off in the car to the Garden Shop that is often off limits when he is driving. What a wonderfully confusing display! I was glad to have the time to go up and down the rows, filled with bins of daffodils, hyacinths, tulips and a great assortment of small bulbs. Came home with two large bags, - mostly tulips as I did rescue a lot of daffodils from the Lost Garden last spring. David and I bundled them into pots and baskets, and they made a lovely display along the front of the house, and on the steps. After they had finished blooming and their leaves had grown limp and brown I put them in a ditch in the meadow, where they have, I am sure, been gathering strength for another beautiful springtime display.

I found a beautiful new double tulip, - a warm apricot shade. It was it's name that drew me to it in the first place, - "Ramona". A song that holds a tender place in my childhood memories of my mother.

Next to September, October can be a
pretty spectacular month in this Valley.
Wild sunrises and sunsets that call for the camera to be always at the ready.

Since I ditched EGO a few months ago, I find I have so much more time to just relax and enjoy the overwhelming beauty that fills these supposedly winter years of our life.

How late we grow wise!!!!

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