Sunday, May 02, 2021

 Saturday, the first of May

by Peter Burn

Queen of monrhs, supremely fair,

Clothe with garments rich and rare,

None in beauty can compare

With thee, sweet May

Lovely month, thou bringest mirth,

Spreadest sweetness o'er the earth,

Causest Nature to give birth

To fruits and flowers

Thou are love by young and old

Joys for each though dost enfold

Never shall our hearts grow cold

To thee, sweet May

I love May, - it has so many garden delights, and it has brought so many

other delights, that have made life eternally enjoyable, 

eternally meaningful!!


Olde Dame Holly said...

The very merry month of May! I love it. too.

Debby said...

I love the spring, the reminder that everything has a new opportunity to bloom.

Ellen D. said...

My parents got married in May and my Mom always taught us to wait until after their anniversary (May 15th) before we plant our annuals. So I always have fond thoughts of my parents during this month. Your garden is probably popping out all over as you had such a lovely garden.

Megan Wallace said...

For us, it is autumn but it is one of the months with the mildest weather. Just a nip in the air at night so that you can sleep snugly under a blanket and during the day, the sun shines gently. Enjoy the garden and the abundance of blooms!

Hildred said...

Ah yes, - tomorrow would have been our 76th anniversary - I treasure the 67 years we had together......