Saturday, March 13, 2021

 March 13th, - Saturday morning

It is Nine a.m. and I am on my third cup of coffee.

Meditating on things that evolved at the church meeting yesterday.

Wondering when the Parish Hall will become a part of the Indigenous community, and if they really mean that eventually St. John's church will be de-sanctified.  My hearing is woefully inadequate, and sometimes I get the wrong impression of what is happening, or due to happen, and have to wait until it actually DOES happen to find out if I was right or wrong.

Waiting for youngest son to arrive so that I can go and retrieve some of the things which are precious to our family, - the plaque in memory of Charles' two brothers who fell in battle and the bell pull that my beloved wove - I can't reach the belfry that one of our sons fashioned at his metal shop, but hopefully it can be reinstated somewhere where it will be claimed dear to us.

Life does change, - the way people think changes, and I feel old and out of things.  Well, I am old, - 96 is not to be included with the young and active, but still..........

Time passes....although this is not relevant to what I have been thinking, the trees are starting to bud, - the Daphne is in bloom and it is time to turn the clocks ahead to enjoy the long spring evenings.

I have been reading up on "flash essays" and find that to fashion one or two is quite inviting, and maybe I will do that - it seems that I have many things that I could express an opinion about!!!!!

It is a sweet spring day, and perhaps Bruce and I will do things in the garden this morning.  Would love to take the cat out as well, but I don't feel nimble enough to chase after her if she should decide to scale the fence and run off down the lane!!  Perhaps I could take Charles' cart - maybe I could even venture up the street with it.  Over town is taboo, I think , but there are plenty of back streets that we could toodle along.  Well, I will see, - in the meantime there are things to do in the house, so I am off to wash the breakfast dishes and consider setting some bread to rise......

Happy Springtime!!!  Catkins are getting longer and fatter and the sky is blue......lovely!!!!


Morning's Minion said...

Although I am 20 years younger than you, I'm finding it a bit of surprise that I might be considered 'elderly!' So many interesting--and even useful--things yet to contemplate, explore, maybe even DO!

Olde Dame Holly said...

I often feel kind of lost, too. So many things it was important to know, so many ways of doing things, now forgotten or lost or considered passé. I feel my time has passed in some ways. But I am enjoying spring. Here in the desert, everything is leafing out and many things are blooming already.

Ellen D. said...

Hearing loss really holds us back. I often don't quite know what people are going on about and feel myself slipping into a quiet isolation where I feel left out of the conversations due to my hearing aids. I need to get to the audiologist again but it is so costly and the hearing aids just don't recreate my original hearing. Frustrating!

Barb said...

Hildred, I know how upsetting it must be for you if your church is desanctified. It has been such an important part of your life and your faith. Though Bob and I are 20 years younger, our hearing is not what it used to be. So far, we haven't gotten hearing aids though I don't think that is too far in the future. We often look at each other after hearing or reading something we just can't believe and say, "We're just too old!" We got our second vaccine shot this morning.

Megan Wallace said...

Oh Hildred, how awful that the church is slipping out of your life. But of course, it doesn't say anything about your faith or your place in the community. I don't know the background but it does make me sad when people think that they are rectifying the past by being brutal to the infrastructure that was created at that time. I hope that it is not the case here.
I think age doesn't have much to do with feeling displaced. Sometimes the world around us goes through a period of quick, big, changes and it is difficult to adapt at any age. That's what I tell myself anyway because I'm not ready to admit to becoming set in my ways.
Have your hearing checked if you can. That is another area where things are changing quickly and better hearing aids are becoming more affordable all the time.
I'm going to read up on 'flash essays'. It sounds intriguing. You write beautifully and I love your opinions, give it a go!
I now have a mental picture of you wandering through the lanes with your cat in a cart going through my head now. Sounds like fun.