Tuesday, November 10, 2020


 November 10th, 2020

It has been a DAY!!!!

I woke, after a good night's sleep.  Showered, and let Bruce out into the back garden to stretch his legs,and whatever else dogs do when they first are free outside in the a.m.

Breakfast went well - coffee was warm and welcome and the toast slathered in lemon curd!

I went to the computer to check my mail, and while there took advantage of the quietness in the house to write a Blog.........

It was after this that mayhem struck!

The Blog disappeared - off into the blue, never to return - perhaps it ended up on the steppes of Russia, and someone might read it there, - but not here......   This is not the first time this has happened to me, - once before a completed Blog disappeared - flew from my house in great haste as I finished the final sentence.  I have no explanation. -  that I should be so forsaken over a few words, some well thought out sentences and everything neatly presented in orderly paragraphs. But that was only the first of my misfortunes.....

I accepted the fact that these things happen - mysteriously, and went into the kitchen to continue with the day.  Quite complacently, I thought.

Bruce's cookie jar was getting low, so I decided I would make some doggie biscuits.  I have a good recipe that ends up in biscuits that Bruce gobbles up as fast as his little teeth can crunch and his little throat can swallow. The recipe calls for whole wheat flour.  I went to get it from an out of the way closet.  I keep the bag there to make room in the kitchen proper for all the other things that get shuffled around when I am cooking.

Went to pick up the bag of whole wheat flour!  The bottom of the sack opened up and the flour flowed enthusiastically around my legs, into my slippers, over the floor, onto the mop and broom which were leaning nonchalantly against the wall, minding their own business.

It took a while and a lot of patience to restore order and when younger son came to empty the kitchen garbage can he was amazed at the amount of flour that had found its way there.  Well, amazed is not quite the right word to describe his reaction, - but it will do! 

When everything was shipshape again, and the doggie biscuits were in the oven, I was back in the room where the computer lives when my daughter arrived, and was taken a-back at the fact the dining room was strewn with dried white roses that Misty the cat had freed from the bowl in which they usually live.

The rest of the day has been fairly well regulated, for which I am quite grateful.

Elderly ladies are deserving of peace and quiet - but I guess that could get quite boring and so I have written another  Blog and am going to post it NOW, before it disappears........

I cannot go without acknowledging that tomorrow is Remembrance Day, and although this pandemic has made it impossible to honor it in the traditional way, my thoughts are with all those who didn't return home at the end of WW2, and in particular my husband's two brothers, Gordon and Tom, whose graves we visited in France.

                                   Rest in Peace - but they have been so sadly missed these past 75 years......


Ellen D. said...

Well, I am glad you were able to complete this blog and get it posted! I can just imagine the mess the spilled flour made! I bet it took quite a bit of time to get it all cleaned up! Your descriptions are always delightful and I look forward to your posts very much. Thank you!

Morning's Minion said...

It does seem that a day that starts with an aggravating 'mess' tends to follow through that way. When that happens I tend to wonder if my own clumsiness has been a factor, in which case shouldn't I go into a quiet corner with a book and a mug of tea.

I reread an earlier post in which you mentioned Charles's military service and his brothers who were lost to the 2nd World War. So many lives cut short. The numbers boggle my mind--but so often it comes down to wondering how one family group might have been 'different' if the men had come home.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh Hildred what a day for sure. I am so glad this blog post didn’t fly away, Without ever having seen the one that did, I would swear that it was not poorly constructed sentences that caused the spirits to send it away! If that were their criteria, I know of many blogs that would have vanished instead (including some of my own). ... I always love to read about your days no matter what, but I do hope your days since then have been glitch free! And next time my computer acts up or my (metaphorical) flour sack breaks, I will follow your example, acknowledge that these things happen, and move on to the next step in life.