Monday, September 07, 2020

Monday, September 7th, 2020

I am waiting, patiently, for September to begin to perform it's magic!!!

Somehow I am still bogged down in late August in the remnants of "old summer".

Nights are cooler, but daytime doesn't encourage open doors and windows, and that lovely scent of Autumn.  Reluctantly I turned on the Air Conditioner this afternoon, - this was after I had gathered together a book, my glasses, a cool drink, the telephone and a basket to hold them all together.

Bruce and I went out the back -

(had to leave Misty the Cat in the house, as I am not yet assured that she would not climb the backyard trees and leap over the fence and up the lane!!! - I am not in good enough shape to race after her and my calling voice is not appealing enough to challenge the excitement of being 'on the loose')

Even in the shade it was uncomfortably warm, so we came back in and found some coolness in the A/C.  

After a while oldest son and his wife arrived with a lovely, fresh fish that they had caught while in their two or three day sojourn at Logan Lake -  I stuffed it and had it for dinner.  Delicious!!!!

I thought yearningly of the days we had spent in the woods and at the lakes, and the friends we had been camping with, - fishing in the daytime and playing bridge at night.  Precious memories, and so lucky to have them..... Here is Charles, and our granddaughter, Noni - how to put a squiggly worm on the hook!  Grandpa knew it all!!


Tomorrow I plan to adventure with the cart, up and around the corner to the Fruit Stall, and when I come home with some apples I will make a pie - or perhaps two (one to share around)...

What is September without apple pies, I ask you now....... 






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John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

I'm told that lots of people who are keen on fishing do not actually like eating it. I'm the other way around - I'll eat it but don't have the patience to catch it. In these days of global warming our September magic usually occurs in October or November now.