Sunday, August 30, 2020

Sunday, August 30th, 2020

A long time since I have written here.

Somehow August has passed by, - warm weather and the usual end of August rain didn't arrive. 

The garden has been growing by leaps and bounds so that now it looks like a small jungle

with the Barn flowers reaching high above the garden fence,

 - and this lack of moisture has not been good for menacing wild fires.

I look forward to September.

Well, I have always looked forward to September!

I was always anxious to go back to school in those long ago days and somehow 

this anticipation has stayed with me over the years

and I still welcome September with great enthusiasm, and renewed plans.

A Handwoven magazine lies open upon my breakfast table

with a most inviting article and instructions for 8 shaft tea towels -

even some with overshot, which is pretty fancy for hanging on the oven door.

I find that the pandemic has joined hands with my advanced age

and between the two of them they have thrown up a barrier between me and 

any social life - although I did go to a church meeting the other day.

My "ears" got into the act, and admonished the other deterrents 

that I had managed to to avoid - I had a terrible time following the flow

and it occurred to me that my best meeting days languish in the past!!!!

I am so thankful for my looms, and the creativity they inspire..

Here are a couple of scarves I just removed, washed and pressed,and looked upon with pleasure!!!!

Oh shoot!!!  Blogger froze up on me, - again!  Is it trying to tell me something?

Am I not to post a picture of these lovely manly scarves, (?) all plaid

and one festooned with red, green and black blocks - lovely soft, fine wool.

Just great for Christmas!!!

I have decided that there is a reason for Blogger being so recalcitrant

these days, and it all has to do with age.

1.  (and the most likely) I am getting old and not as sharp as I once was.

2.  Blogger has taken on new ways that it is not quite used to, and so

     it just lies back and becomes "unresponsive"!!! (This is the reason

     I am inclined to favor as there is some hope for improvement as 

     it matures.....

3.  Maybe my computer is getting old, and it is in need of emergency

     treatment, like the installation of Windows 10, which sits here on the

     floor, beside me, patiently waiting for someone to bring it to life!!!

Whatever the reason, I have reached my limit of frustration and am off

to bed with this intriguing new book I am reading - "A Traveler at the

Gates of Wisdom"

My youngest son, who was just passing through, tells me it is raining 

outside, - I will open the window wide and listen to the pitter-pat and

be just as thankful as the poor parched plants!

Keep  an eye out for the White Rabbit, who is wending his way

through the hills and will be around to visit on the 

First Lovely Day of September......


Ellen D. said...

How nice that you find joy in your home and garden and weaving. Your scarves sound lovely - darn Blogger for not cooperating. Love your photo of the flowers, tho! Thanks for lifting my spirits this morning!

Hill Top Post said...

I still hope to see your lovely scarves. Maybe next time Blogger will behave better. How wonderful to go to sleep to the pitter patter of falling rain.

Morning's Minion said...

The new blogger is surely not user friendly!
I too am finding meetings, even church services, a bit frustrating of late--somehow I never anticipated hearing difficulties.
August has flown by--the demands of the gardens over-whelming. I will welcome the slower pace of autumn.

Hildred said...

I have taken to watching and taking part from afar in online worship services. So many of ours have been cancelled anyway with the current health situation..... it is so nice to be able to turn up the volume, something I would like to do with some of our ministers!!!!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I said White Rabbit Tuesday and thought of you! .... hope your rain amounted to something... it is sooo dry in this corner of the PNW ... scary dry. We have one wildfire going on near the Coast (human-caused) . ... I have seen quit3 a few other complaints about Blogger changes, so I do *not* think it is your age.