Friday, August 14, 2020

 August 14th, 2020

Middle of August, and it is certainly not one of those months that are fraught with inspiration, but rather it seems that I spend an inordinate amount of time spread out on the patio swing/ hammock with a book in my lap, and my eyes closed.  Waiting for September to arrive, when the weather is not desultory, and I am not desultory, but  am full of plans, - new warps to wind, a slight whiff of Christmas gifts to indulge in, - a lovely month.  As I am sure I have said before.....

In the many years that we have lived in this valley we have somehow come to look forward to the last two weeks in August, and the way it slides into fall with cooler nights and often a few days of rain (although I see no signs of clouds and moisture this year).

I am expecting family visitors over the weekend, and have been making plans for seating outdoors so that it is welcoming, but still at sufficient distance apart to accommodate pandemic requirements....a pain, but necessary I think.  And I can be happy that the rain is holding off so that the garden is a good place to gather!  It is indicative of my changing habits re the arrival of company, - on my grocery list is an order for diverse cookies - lots of them - and some lemonade powder, - so that all I have to do is make sure I have lots of ice cubes! Oh dear, - a sign of old age, I think, and a lack of the Joy of Cooking in August and getting the kitchen all heated up and sweltering.  It likes to stay cool!!!!!

When I have awakened the last few mornings I have had a conversation with myself about putting up some peaches to enjoy in the winter, - even if it is only slicing a bucketful to freeze and use for pies or peach upside-down cake. We haven't carried the business forward though, - it has just remained a thought in my mind and perhaps a slight scolding that I am thwarting the usual summer peach tradition.  I seem to be doing that a lot lately, - thwarting tradition!!!

The garden is bringing us all much pleasure, but also a little pain and a lot of looking up to see what we have that will battle an influx of red mites that are attacking the yellow petaled daisies.  I am late in noticing the dratted insects crawling up the stems, and I think they have got a head start on me that probably means I will not be successful in eliminating them this season, - but I will be on the lookout next year......that might mean putting up a big sign in the kitchen as I find that age is not being kind to my immediate memory !   The long term memory is doing fine - I can still remember standing in my highchair calling for my mother when she was hanging up the wash!!!  and having a conversation with the Cooper boys at the age of about four, the topic being, which is best - apples, oranges or bananas!!

But what did I plan to do in the next five minutes 😖 - confounded if I know!!!

Anyway, here is the picture I planned to put up in the middle of the last paragraph when I was talking about red mites!!!

Minnie, the little grey cat with green eyes, has come to sit on my knee and is making typing very difficult, so I will likely take the easy way out, and instead frustrating myself and Minnie, too, I will say goodnight to all - happy August!!


Hill Top Post said...

Such a lovely post. I am liking your Minnie and think, if I should be able to gentle a half-grown kitten that seems to be living under a culvert on the place, I shall also call her Minnie, which seems to go along with Millie (my sweet doggie).

The Weaver of Grass said...

Both your header and your garden photograph present such lovely pictures of your gardens Hildred.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

Your garden looks very colourful. Mine's looking rather sad at the moment as we've had a couple of days of unseasonable weather - it looks like November out there.
If I may make a late contribution to your long-ago debate - apples, they're definitely better than oranges or bananas!

Ellen D. said...

You expressed my sentiments exactly! I wake in the morning with all sorts of productive plans in my head but by the time I am up and finished with breakfast, I think of an excuse to put them off until another day! Too hot, too rainy, too tired, just not in the mood...although I have been spending a lot of time reading. Your photos are terrific! Thanks for posting!