Sunday, July 05, 2020

July 5th, 2020

I have just said good-night to the garden, - turned the water off here, and put it on there for the evening

Admired the flowers that are greeting July with lots of bloom and enthusiasm.....and noticed that the garlic scapes are curly nicely and making a lovely structural picture where they are growing amongst the raspberries - don't asked me how they got there, but they are welcome, and making themselves right at home.

It has been a warm day, and this afternoon I was glad of the shaded patio out in the back garden
 - perfect place for cold drinks and cool books. I am reading (re-reading) The Language of God (a scientist presents evidence for belief) by Francis Collins, who seems to know what he's talking about. He seems quite satisfied with the theory of "theistic evolution" - many thoughts which I am entirely  in agreement with.  Well, as much as you can be in agreement when you are pondering "life, and where it arose from".

Sometimes the best you can do is just lay it down to a MYSTERY.

I have some nice McCall Smith books to lighten the reading load a little, and give my mind a rest, and some entertainment.

In the morning, when I still have more than just a shade of energy, I have been winding warps with firstly a set of lace and spotted towels and secondly a mohair blanket, the thoughts of which make me wonder if I am over-reaching my capabilities at this advanced age!  However I am game to give it a try, and am quite excited by the cones of mohair that arrived in the mail.

Before I started counting warp threads I went to online church - lovely to be able to arrive and listen to the old familiar words of the Anglican service - although I don't hear the words of my youth 

"Dearly beloved brethren, the scripture moveth us in sundry places to acknowledge and confess our manifold sins and wickedness" 

 (I remember in my younger days exchanging these words for "Dearly beloved brethren, the scripture moveth us in sundry places to go and watch the donkey races, and when we've seen which donkey won etc. etc.- I have forgotten the last part about what we would do upon seeing which donkey won.  It will probably come to me in the night, when my mind rescues those little bits and pieces that get stuck along the way from my memory to my mind!!!

Anyway, without getting all dressed up for church I was able to take part in that hour that has meant so much in my life....I have to say that I did miss Charles, beside me 😐😐 or signaling to me to crank the organ either up or down, depending upon how loud it was coming through...

Life goes on, day by day and one must somehow cope with the losses and appreciate the pluses - which are pretty well made up with our children and their loving attention and care!  

And this makes me think of the other day when Bruce and I went out to sit on the bench in the back garden while my youngest son, and my oldest son, together dealt with a rat that had somehow got into the house and was causing much confusion while I slept.....well, not much, but enough to be noticeable.

Fine men and hunters, those boys!!!!  Home is now rodent free.....

I would like to leave a picture here, but this new way of putting a blog together is one I find quite stressing, so I guess I will leave things as they are, and say Good Night, - God bless,  etc.....



Ruth said...

Thank you dear Hildred. Your words always give me such happiness - a peaceful kind of happiness that comes from your wisdom and your way of describing all that gives you pleasure. Thank you for passing it on. I'm blessed to be able to attend church with all the spacing, masks, no music, etc., but so necessary for my soul. It's so wonderful that we can "attend" also without leaving home, and much can be gained from it that way, too. Will it ever again be as it once was...but nothing stays as it once was...

Enjoy this blessed gift of a new day, and stay safe and cool!

Morning's Minion said...

A delightful post. There are a few advantages to online church, but I miss the music, the sound of voices raised in old familiar hymns.

Ellen D. said...

I like how you said we need to cope with the losses and focus on the positives. Very sound advice for living a happy life! Thank you!

Hildred said...

I forgot to acknowledge Molly's great help in the rodent incident!!!!! Without her determined doggy help things would probably not have ended successfully!! Thank you, Molly - you are a priceless dog, and it's wonderful to know you live just a block or so away with No 3 Son!

Barb said...

We just caught a mouse this morning, and it is now in the field to the side of us - perhaps dinner for a fox. A mohair blanket - that will keep you busy awhile Hildred! Enjoy your gardens.