Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Bouquet No. 1

A beautiful sunny day!

a few perennial buttercups at the feet of the iris and alium

yesterday was dismal........

but today is inviting!!

Following a little after-lunch nap

we left Bruce sleeping

and The Walker and I

went out for  a little stroll

(as much as you can 'stroll' with a Walker -

but that's the way things are these days!!)

There are some lovely light lilies in bloom

a perfectly wonderful yellow.....

and the early peony is showing signs of

calling it a day, while the later ones

are still pregnant, - growing closer every hour!

A few early white daisies are crowding in

amongst the clover that persists on growing

at the front of the flower bed,  just 

beyond the fence (that needs painting)

And the yellow daisies show dire signs

of the problems that afflicted them

last year,

which means I must seek expert advice

and get them sprayed, or they will

all curl up and die.

The garden needs attention,

but not this afternoon.

I am here to enjoy the few roses that are blooming,

the poppies that are pushing against

their white metal fencing,

and to pick a few flowers to

brighten up the house.

Not an awful lot to choose from

but soon I had a nice selection lining The Walker's basket

and here they are....


placed in front of the "arrival mirror".....

an old dresser that fills the bill nicely,

and makes one think that we have just twice as many

blossoms as the garden yielded.

Off to make a cup of tea, or a glass

of lemonade,

and I shall sit outside and glory

in the late spring.

at 95 one must take advantage of the beauty

that cometh from above....

Just in Case.....Carpe Diem.


At Home In New Zealand said...

Lovely to hear you are enjoying some of the beauty our Creator has given us. Whatever our age, we need to stop and "take time to smell the roses" as they say. Have a great week :)

Hill Top Post said...

I love the red peonies! Wow! Your bouquets (thanks to the "arrival mirror" there are two) are beautiful!

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

Thanks for sharing the beauty of your garden.

Ellen D. said...

Your garden is lovely and your bouquet is just right for that spot by the mirror. I am glad you can enjoy each day and I admire your "Carpe diem" attitude. Thanks so much for this nice post!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Hildred, what a beautiful post to read - and what a glorious garden. I love the way you have ignored weeding for today and just enjoyed it as it is. Carpe Diem indeed -you have eight years start on me but I do agree. We must make the most of each day. I have a wheelie walker too (I call him Percy) and I like him because if I get tired I can have a short sit down. Take care.