Saturday, March 28, 2020

Remembering Callie 

My evening companion

who curled up beside me

with one paw on the computer........

who had been our dear furry cat

ever since she was a kitten

and David, our grandson, brought her to us

as a Christmas present, fifteen years ago.

She stopped eating a few days ago,

and then, the other night as I went to bed.

 I stopped to stay goodnight to her.

A few minutes after I had pulled up the covers

I felt her presence on the bedside mat;

leaned over and patted her head.

She mewed, softly, and we both went to sleep...

Unfortunately, she  didn't wake up,

and in the morning I gathered her dear furry body

in my arms, wrapped her in a towel

and laid her in a basket.

Our youngest son dug her grave.

We buried her at the end of the long flower bed,

and soon I will plant a white rose

over the spot where she is buried.

I am missing her, around my feet,

nestled in beside me in the easy chair,

and in the evening, here, lying on my desk,

next to me....

We had such a nice friendship,

a sweet understanding!


Hill Top Post said...

I am so sorry, Hildred. Of course you will miss her, for she was such a sweet and loyal companion. Surely she loved that last little pat, and she would have loved the beautiful white rose.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

So sorry to hear that. She had many good years with you. Take care.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Oh Hildred, I am so sorry. I lost my Border terrier, Tess, about six weeks ago and how I miss her and yet I feel too old to get another one. I would have a cat instead but I live on a busy road. Take great care during this pandemic - we all need to keep safe.

Ellen D. said...

I am sorry about your cat. I can tell by your thoughtful words that she was a great comfort to you. You gave her a good life.

Ruth said...

I'm mourning with you Hildred. You've lost a friend like no other. I can feel your sadness, and pray that it'll lessen somewhat as the days go by. Memento mori. God be with you!

Hildred said...

Thank you all, for kind words and sympathy. Somehow, as you get ancient and all your dear friends have died, and your beloved is gone too, you depend so much on treasured animals for love and affection.

Morning's Minion said...

An especially difficult time to lose an animal companion of many years. I think it is good that Callie didn't have the trauma of a last trip to the vet, though finding her still form near the bed was sad. Whenever I have lost a dear cat it seems that many days pass before I stop glancing at the spots that were favorite napping places--a sunny windowsill or the foot of my bed. A rose will be a fitting memorial to Callie's years with you.

Penny said...

So sorry but 15 is a good life for a special cat. xx