Sunday, March 01, 2020


Came in like a lamb.......

A sunny day

the snow remaining morphed into 

snow white clouds languidly strolling

across a brilliant blue sky,

and Bruce and I went out and picked a few

of the delicate blossoms on the hellebores,

It is said that tomorrow will be sunny.

the grass will be greener,

maybe a few violets will open their lovely petals....

and the robins are back!!!

Can Spring be far behind???


The Weaver of Grass said...

About the only similarity here Hildred is the hellebores which are flowering profusely in my garden and I love them. But it is bitterly cold, sunny one minute and snowing the next.

Ellen D. said...

Lovely post! The sunshine does lift my spirits! I am planning a nice walk today while the weather is nice. Your sweet words help lift my spirits too! Thanks!

Barb said...

Lucky you, HIldred. I hope spring stays with you. It's constantly snowing here - should be a good wildflower year when it finally melts.

Hill Top Post said...

How beautiful the hellebores are...a feast for the eyes after a long winter. Spring is definitely on the way!