Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Signs to get your Hopes Up

The sun shone all day

The sky was blue, with nary a cloud

I am sure the catkins

on the tree outside my window

are just a little fatter...

just a little longer.....

the village plowman came along

and moved the snow

along the edge of the road

into mighty white mountains,

awaiting removal.

Along the creek

that follows the meadow out back

the aura of rosy pink and green

is stronger still in the trees and bushes

that line it.

In the bathtub

the buds on a bouquet of forsythia sticks

(brought by my youngest son)

begin to swell

(imperceptibly, but a week

they will be showing golden.)

Hope springs eternal!!!!!

Spring is on its way 

if she would just quit lollygagging around

and making come hither eyes

on that swing!!!!