Wednesday, January 01, 2020

New Year's Day, 2020

Today I put away the lovely trappings of Christmas,

 - the angels and the Santa Claus my sister made so many years ago. 

 All the baubles, the garlands 

and so many of the candles...

I rehung the pictures that I had taken down,

 to make way for Christmas wreaths, 

the ones with red bows and pine and holly.

When I was finished, 

and everything was packed away

 lovingly for another year

 I looked around 

and was taken in by the stillness of the rooms,

and their readiness for the New Year

 that has come upon us this day....

I start off each year with a birthday, 

and this year the number of birthdays behind me

I find quite startling, 

but tomorrow I am ready for a celebration of the 95th.

   Gosh, just typing that number

 makes me extremely grateful 

for the years it represents, 

and for all the blessings of living -

 a wonderful childhood, 

a blessed marriage,

and now good health and a fairly active mind to accompany me

into the ancient years. 

 As I would say in Church, thanks be to God!

I spent a few hours today sleying the Glimakra

 with a lovely green linen warp -

all shades of green and different dents, 

so that the resulting cloth will be a nice springlike runner for a side table,

 - or maybe a summer scarf. 

 There is a gorgeous skein of olive green silk 

waiting to be a weft from heaven, 

and it seems to me that it has finally found its destiny.

It appears that January will be a great month, 

- nothing desultory about it but lots of challenges.

the amaryllis in full bloom

it brightens these misty January days...

A Happy New Year to all!!!


Ellen D. said...

Happy Birthday to you! Wishing you many more happy, busy years of family, friends, fun, and love! Thank you for sharing your beautiful words about your inspiring life with me!

Ruth said...

God bless and be with you throughout this 95th year. You put me to shame! I found 80 to be sobering.

Happy, Happy Birthday - Happy Healthy New Year!!!

Thank you for your blog - it's good for the soul in these perilous times.

Hill Top Post said...

Happy New Year, Hildred! And, Happy Birthday! I love the amaryllis!

Barb said...

That amaryllis is a beautiful color. I have two in bud but no blooming for awhile. I'm always excited to see the colors I picked. I wish you an amazing 95th birthday and year ahead, Hildred. With so many projects you'll need the whole year to finish!