Friday, January 31, 2020

A Reminder

Lurking on your doorstep

clutching a clock

here to remind you

it's time to say "WHITE RABBIT'

if you want February 

to be kind to you......

It may be a short month

but it can be a pretty sharp one

if it forgets that it's

a harbinger of spring

and sends frost to crisp the snow drop

and ice the daffodil.

In any case -

it is wise to pay homage

to the White Rabbit

and keep an eye out for

the first violet

and the willows

that grow along the creek

at the other side of the meadow,

out back;

when their tips turn rosy......

And there is a lovely

green aura around the

tops of the bare tree branches.

Nothing dramatic, -

just the most gentle of remnders

that the sap is rising,

and spring returns...

as always!!

     Tom Thomson - Canadian - one of Seven

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