Sunday, September 29, 2019

Still Raining!

September 29th, 2019

Yes, still raining....

I should not complain - lawns love it, flowers love it, wonderful way to go into the winter.....

but September has certainly not been as my memories cherish it!!!

The leaves on the trees are so nourished with rain

they are stillgreen and flourishing

Just one lone tree in front of the City Hall is slowly turning golden,

and that may be because it is absorbing all the tax money

that citizens are turning in!!

However, - the weatherman forecasts sunshine for the coming week

so perhaps October will be dry, and sunny, and satisfy us with autumn colours!!

A visit from our youngest son, today

and while here he so kindlyand graciously

tucked himself under the Glimakra and for a number of hours

moved pegs from one treadle to another, - I think all eighty of them

so when I dress the loom in my brand new warp

I will have a brand new pattern to follow.

When I first met my husband, we talked about marriage, and family,

and decided we would have six children - 

(three and three with a little hiatus in between)

it was all a lovely dream..

He went overseas during the war, and did his thing with 

the wonderful Lancaster, - came home safely; 

we got married, and all our dreams started to come true!!

Even the six children - and we never regretted it!!!

(well, maybe there were a few moments of worry and frustration

over the years......part  of being a parent)

As I grow more ancient, 

I also grow more and more appreciative of the company of those

six wonderful children and their families.....

the things they do for me, 

and the care they give me.

And I bless them all......

Today I am most particularly grateful for the time spent under the loom

and even the raindrops that keep falling.

falling, falling........

and the snow that is half way down the mountain

so early in the year!

October is bound to be bright and colourful

as we enjoy an "Indian Summer"


Hill Top Post said...

We never expect much color until halfway into October and even into November. We are expecting more 90 degree days here this week, while up to four feet of snow has fallen in parts of Montana. I am sure #6 would have gladly moved more than eighty pegs, if needed, for his loving mum. Enjoy the rain!

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

Plenty of rain here too in the last few days. The water levels in local streams and wetlands are low so the rain is needed - but not on the days when I want to go out!