Monday, September 09, 2019

September 9th, 2019
Monday again!!!

The days are getting shorter --
8.00 p.m. and already the shadows have drawn in
and the evening begins to darken.

(Bruce can no longer see the cat who has been saucily sitting
on the shed roof, across the street,
challenging him to wear himself out barking....
and so the night is quieter, too!)

I have finished in the kitchen...
coffee on for early morning,
and in the hour or so before my youngest son
pops in to discuss our days
and say goodnight
I am planning to refamiliarize myself with the ukulele music
that the ladies are playing Tuesday mornings.

I have not been going to practice
over the summer.......
just strumming a bit over breakfast, here at home
and so I must remind myself how to pick, and strum the chords
and make sure everything is in tune.

 Here is my audience!!!

Out in the garden yesterday, and I picked a few of the last barn flowers and
some of the autumn crocus 

There won't be many more garden flowers to put on
the shelf that holds reminders
of the beloved,
although the sedum has not bloomed yet
and there are also the gloriously coloured
fall leaves

I found a few raspberries
and they perked up the breakfast cereal

When I am not in the garden, clearing away the wonderful remains of summer,
I am most often in the loom room...

Here are the towels I am making - I am on my fourth
and anxious to finish
so I can do another warp of these
amazingly beautiful fall colours....

Here is another rendition of September Song

by dear old Willie Nelson


Penny said...

Such lovely warm colours.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I too need to spend anhour later today practising my ukulele Hildred - we are going to play for the old folk in the nursing home on Thursday. Yes - those Autumn colours on the loom are indeed beautiful.

Hill Top Post said...

Hildred, you surprised me with the Willie Nelson song. I wouldn't have guessed! :~) We love our old country classics, and are so looking forward to the new Ken Burns documentary on the subject, which begins on PBS this coming weekend.

After having finished weaving a piece, do you, sometimes, just stand and stare, and admire, and think, "Look, I have made cloth." It's the grandest thing, I think. I love your pieces in the colors of fall!

Now, I'll go listen to good ole' Willie's "September again!" Not bad, I think!

Barb said...

Those glorious colors on your loom do reflect fall. My gardens are also going to seed, but the pale white delphinium (with blue center) is blooming. It looks like a ghost flower seen from the kitchen window at twilight. I've made arrangements for the irrigation blow out end of September - our nights are close to freezing now and aspens are starting to change. Happy strumming, Hildred!

Hildred said...

I love Wllie Nelson; I love the loom, and what I can do on it; and I love September and the cooler evenings and rainy nights! I will have to see if I can find PBA on my television schedule, - everything was changed over the summer, but surely I can google it and find what number I have to hit to find PBS.