Sunday, May 26, 2019

Sunday;, May 26th, 2019

A fine day.....

I am still in my church clothes

having visited with my youngest daughter when I got home

and then our youngest son arrived to perform

his magic with the treadles

on the Glimakra -

(this is done with a couple of soft pillows

and a strange craning of the neck,

which I am no longer

able to accomplish, it seems!!)

So now it is tied up in proper fashion

and I can weave the overshot pattern

I have been so admiring

in the last little while.

While he was doing this I put on my apron

and made some new-to-me

double chocolate chip cookies!!

Lovely for a rainy day

with a nice amber tea.

It has rained most of the day

which makes the garden plants sigh with pleasure

(as I have said before)

and the woods much more immune to the dangers

of the wild fires that have been so prevalent

these last few years.

My son-in-law found some Alyssum for me

down at a garden spot in Cawston

so now I can edge everything with it's small delicate flowers

and it's beautiful familiar scent.

I have been thinking of gardens past

and bemoaning the fact that I have 

no lovely blue linum (or flax) in this

town garden,

and wondering where I might find some!

Perhaps an appeal on Facebook

and someone might have a little slip

that they would be willing to divide.

I love blue flowers,

but perhaps the pure linum shade

touches me more than any other.

I think it is time to go and make some hot chocolate...

take Bruce out for a romp in the garden,

and snuggle up in bed with The Digital Undertaker

(which I have been reading

to encourage me to sort through this great, huge

accumulation of STUFF that

keeps me company in this small house!!!!!!)


(In other word, Good Night to all ----

where did Nighty-night come from ???

Out of the past, no doubt,

when it was whispered to small children

with a hug and an endearment!)

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Barb said...

The double chocolate chip sound delicious! I, too, love flax and have tried seeds several times but have no luck with them. I sometimes see them growing wild along the road or in rocky, inhospitable places, so I wonder where I go wrong? Maybe I tend mine too much!