Monday, January 07, 2019

Epiphany, - the time of Light


As I wandered back from the bathroom last night I paused by the window.

The sky was clear, and the stars were brilliant.

I thought about Epiphany..
The Festival of Light, - filled with hope and promise.

I had taken a digital part in the service
early in the morning, - - -
the morning of the Feast of the Epiphany,
when the Magi came with the light
from the East
and the wonders of the Holy Birth
were spread beyond 
that small community lit by the Star.

The service came from
the Washington National Cathedral,
with which I have become quite familiar,
and which I so appreciate and enjoy.

Each day we gain a little light,
and the New Year brings with it clarity
of thought and determination
to make our lives lighter;
filled with more integrity,
thoughts filled with hope,
and as many actions as we are capable of
to spread the light
amongst those who share our days.

On the inside cover of my Day Book
is a little reminder....

"Grace to those who make the 
journey with you"

and in the Anglican Journal which arrived in the mail today

a small prayer at Epiphany

God of pilgrims, teach us to recognize
your dwelling place in the love, generosity
and support of those with whom we share our journey,
and help us to worship you in our response
to those who need our care, for all the world
is your temple and every human heart is a sign
of your presence,....

or this......

1 Matthew 2:  Magi
We have seen his star in the east......

At the far edge of our science
we aren't looking so much at stars anymore
as at the older light
that was what the stars were before they were stars,

looking back over our shoulders,
one might say, at our own footprints,
our own cosmic path
across the unimaginably distant past,

tracing subtle electro-magnetic fluctuations,
the first whisper in the still tissue of space,

an infant's piercing cry,

a sound older even than the light
the pulse of energy that was, then, the whole universe.

from Ethics Daily


The Weaver of Grass said...

And so another year begins Hildred and we as oldies must do our best to weather the storms and keep going. Often think of you.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

We were talking with friends recently and I remembered how when I was a child our church left the Christmas creche up until after Epiphany and the three wise men were never placed there until that day. Nobody else had that memory, but I'm pretty sure I'm remembering accurately. My parents tried to keep our Christmas tree up until then, but it never worked because it would dry out and become dangerous before that date! (Now, most people rush to take everything down the day after Christmas!).

Hildred said...

Sometimes the Wise Men are placed elsewhere in the church and don't arrive at the nativity scene until Epiphany Sunday, so think you are remembering correctly, Sallie. I take my decorations down a few at a time, - there is still an angel and star in the window, and a mini Christmas Tree in the big bathroom - and a silver one in the ensuite. Lots of candles still around too....

Barb said...

I love your Header , Hildred, which illustrates the time of wintry light. To give and to receive in this new year - a good resolution I believe.