Saturday, June 30, 2018

June 30th, 2018
The garden at the end of June

A stroll through......

A visiting swallowtail, and some volunteer

poppies that sprang up in the same pot as the borage and the sweet basil

and the lettuce, which is sure to bolt if somebody doesn't help me harvest it.

The little corner where the bag of potatoes, the curly end of the garlic
that appeared, unplanted, and the marigold  (which were supposed to be Cosmos)
brighten up a spot where the yellow climber reaches up to
the bird house on a pole.

The Shastas are happy and healthy and their golden centres blend nicely
with the yellow daisies,
which are happy too, but not too healthy
as their stems this year are playing host to a great horde
of red mites.

Over in the corner the day lilies bloom at the feet of the barn flowers,
which have grown tall and leafy, but won't bloom for another week,
or so.

The small, purple clematis has spread itself generously over the back fence

and here are a few volunteers that are filling in the other corner of the garden
at the end of the raised bed
where the lilies and the bee balm are vying for attention

or else just enjoying each other's company

some spirea, some comfrey and the lovely lavender
clematis that climbs the arch above the gate
to the side garden

Outside the front fence the common day lily and the yellow daisy
stand behind a wonderful array of yarrow that came to visit
uninvited, but so welcome.

It has been a cooler spring and one encouraging  to wandering seeds.

Look closely and you will see those dratted red mites....
it is probably the weather that has encouraged them, too.

If you're in the neighbourhood, come to visit

Tea. coffee and cookies, - lots of birds
and bees, buzzing around.

And the mosquitoes which were so horrendous
have retired to wherever mosquitoes go when they
quit harassing the gardener.........


The Weaver of Grass said...

Lovely garden photographs Hildred. We are in the midst of a drought here and our gardens are thirsty. As mine is newly planted and I dare not use the hose pipe because of water shortages it does look as though I shall lose a lot of my plants, so I may have to replant in the Autumn.

Hildred said...

That is disheartening, Pat. So far we have not suffered from the immense heat you are experiencing in the U.K. There is a heat wave in eastern Canada, but hopefully this cooler weather here in the west will protect B.C. from the horrendous wild fires that cause so much heart ache last year. I hope you get some cooler weather, - and some rain!!

Chip Butter said...

Oh how lovely your garden is. In my old garden there were lots of daisies. I always thought the garden was at its best when they bloomed. The third photo from the end of your post really shows the beauty of the garden.

Around My Kitchen Table said...

What a lovely garden you have. I love those photographs.

Barb said...

How I love to visit and see what's growing in your garden, Hildred. It's so lush with blooms. My bee balm is purple and spreads hither and yon if I don't pull the new shoots. I love the red color of yours. My poppies, pansies, and the balm are blooming. Everything else is showing promise. I did plant some marigolds this summer on the rock garden bank. Unfortunately, wild strawberry runners are threatening to overtake the back garden if I don't get busy and weed them out. We're having warm days and cool nights in Breckenridge. We're in desperate need of rain.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I would love to drop in to visit with you in your beautiful garden. This virtual visit is the next best thing (although the refresment on offer here is, I'm sure, not as good as it would be at your home! I have never forgotten taking tea with my BC great-aunt when we visited them in Nelson.) All your volunteer flowers look as if they consulted you before landing in exactly the right place; everything looks wonderful. I hope you will show us the 'barn flowers' when they blossom, because I'm unfamiliar with that term (and I want my daughter to plant some around her barn, whatever they are.)