Thursday, June 14, 2018

Breakfast menu

Thursday, June 14th, 2018

I come from a family familiar with English Cookery - roast beef and yorkshire pudding,, steak and kidney pie, Eccles cakes and bread and butter pudding, treacle pudding (grandmother style) and Toad in the Hole and Beef of my earliest memories is sitting in bed between my grandparents, sipping morning tea in bed, from the saucer!!

My mother, she was ENGLISH. and quite often in the mornings she fed us soft boiled eggs with "soldiers"!!

My beloved's mother, -  she was IRISH, and so he had never become familiar with that delightful practice of dipping the toasted soldier into the lovely yellow yolk, and spooning out the white of the egg from the shell.

As a matter of fact he thought it was a rather degrading and ungenteel way to enjoy breakfast, and so our children never got to cherish this lovely English custom.

Unfortunately, -  I am free now to have whatever I please to break the night's fast, and a couple of times in the last two weeks I have fore sworn the coddled egg, or the fruit and cereal bowl, and made myself a nice, warm piece of toast, all cut up into straight and stalwart soldiers, ready for dipping!

My son-in-law fell into someone's favour and came across a couple of dozen beautiful big, fresh, brown farm eggs, which he kindly shared with me.

It has been heaven, first thing in the morning!!!!

Thank you to Christina for the picture, - 
she also wrote about the delights of eggs and soldiers!!!!


Morning's Minion said...

We are happy to buy eggs from a local Beachy Amish family--so much better than the pale-shelled things that languish in the supermarket coolers.
Poached eggs on homemade toast are a favorite breakfast at our house--or French toast served with blueberry sauce and maple syrup.

Hildred said...

Sounds delicious - eggs are wonderful poached, and my dear husband loved French toast.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

That brought back memories for me too; those were the meals my mother used to prepare when we were children. And I also used to get into bed beside my granny and drink tea when I was little. When I was caring for my mother who had dementia she asked for a boiled egg one morning and, as a sort of joke, I made "soldiers" for her too - what a flood of memories that simple act sparked in her!

Hildred said...

A kind and thoughtful thing to do John, - I can imagine how delighted your Mum was.

Chip Butter said...

I'll agree that brown eggs are the best. As a youngster I would eat nothing else. However, I, like your husband, would have nothing to do with a "runny" egg.

Penny said...

I was brought up on them too. My mother was English. They are still a go to when I feel a bit sad.

Hildred said...

Nostalgia, Penny.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

We are heading out to the farm (our daughter's) this very day mostly of course to visit and make up for lost time -- but also to bring home a dozen brown eggs laid in their 'backyard'. We spent practically a whole day last week restocking the cupboards and refrigerator, but happily bypassed those store-bought eggs, knowing we'd soon be gathering the real thing!!