Saturday, January 20, 2018

Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Oh, today I ventured outside!!


Finally the snow lies diminished 

and the icy spots are easy to avoid.

I put on my gardening coat

and a pair of clogs, -

grabbed my 'stick'

and slipped through the side garden gate

to where the birdseed is stored.

What a treat!!

Both for me and the birds,

(although my son-in-law has been keeping them well fed, I'm

sure they would be glad to see my familiar face again).

That done I moved along the fence line

to where a small mound of snow lay,

covering the new clematis I planted last summer

and the Lenten Roses!!

A few delicate white blossoms poked

through the snow,

and I used my cane to move more of the broad

green leaves and sweet white petals

into what may possibly be sunshine if the clouds clear away.

Yesterday I was struggling with a difficult linen and fine cotton warp..

Today I might even take a book out into the sunshine

(if the sun deigns to favour us!!)

and dream of spring....

violets, the first crocus, some little white snowdrops!!

and I am awash in memories of chubby hands and bouquets

shyly offered, -

the first yellow spring blooms,

and the years when we were all young and life was still to be lived.


Chip Butter said...

Oh so lovely...white blossoms in the snow. I doubt that there's a blossom to be found here in our woods, but it won't be long now...

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

New beginnings -- and memories. That is early Spring (and I do hope it is here for you truly -- even if winter comes back, it was good to have beautiful day !

Morning's Minion said...

It takes so little to stir a memory; suddenly not one, but many tumble out. I sometimes wonder at the progression through time, events that seem un-connected but have lined up for my inspection.