Saturday, September 30, 2017

Embracing Autumn

September 30th, 2017

I waken to a cool, quiet morning.  Dawn is just breaking and as I open the door to the garden, and Bruce rushes by me, I look to the East and see faint wisps of clouds.

The last day of September, - how could this beautiful month possibly have sped by so quickly, - I just see the last of the White Rabbit's tail disappearing over the hills to the West, and here he is again,  advancing from the East with his gift of luck for October to those who acknowledge him....

September days fade into memory, but autumn is still with us....poignant October is really the month when the Similkameen becomes glorious with fall colours

but up in the Chilcotin the days are getting frosty
and the leaves and grasses are incredibly beautiful.

Number Two Son captures these magnificent photos
of the meadow and the country side,
 ablaze with brilliant blue skies and shimmering golden shrubs and grasses.

Besides the beauty they are eternally grateful
that the Meadow was bypassed by the ferocious fires
that left so many bereft.....of homes, and trees, and forests....


Two lovely poems by Sarah Teasdale

"Lyric night of the lingering Indian Summer,
Shadowy fields that are scentless but full of singing.
Never a bird, but the passionless chant of insects,
Ceaseless, insistent.
The grasshopper's horn, and far-off, high in the maples,
The wheel of a locust leisurely grinding the silence
Under a moon waning and worn, broken,
Tired with summer."

and also

"The leaves fall patiently
Nothing remembers or grieves,
The river takes to the sea
The yellow drift of leaves.

Tomorrow we will greet sweet October who carries us through 
to the sorrows of November.....

Bittersweet October

The mellow, messy, leaf-kicking, perfect pause 
between the opposing miseries of
Summer and Winter

Carol Bishop Hipps

Out in the garden the Chrysanthemums are still budding,
but the Asters are glorious in the sunshine,
full of bees.

and the Sedums...

William Cowper says "Gardening imparts an organic perspective
on the passage of Time."

True - but today I am looking ahead and threading the loom....

and preparing to welcome the White Rabbit after midnight....


Hill Top Post said...

I've never uttered the magic word on the first day of the month (Does this work in the States?) but it's surely worth a try...if I can remember! If there were no other reasons to love autumn, I think asters and mums would be quite enough. Yours are just so lovely! And, so is the Chilcotin!

The Weaver of Grass said...

If only you knew Hildred just how much your posts uplift me, especially when I am feeling low and missing the farmer so much. The first of October - dull, cold and wet here - and then I turn to your post and see those wonderful Autumn colours and read your words. Thank you.
Your post and then lunch out with friends will make my day much happier.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Hildred, I thought of you Sunday morning when I remembered to welcome the white rabbit! I like that the month started on a Sunday ... new month, new week... very satisfying.

Your header shot is wonderful -- and your garden still lovely . I enjoyed the poems ... (especially the short October one which even I can memorize... and which sums up the month perfectly.) But my favorite part of this post is the beautiful blue and gold pictures from your son ... perfectly beautiful and even better because, well, as you say, the beauty is still there! I am so glad for that.