Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sunday Evening

Sunday, August 13th, 2017

No rain, but a lovely smokeless day!  The first in two weeks when we have not been besieged by great drifts of smoke from the wildfires in the interior of B.C., - the central portion where a few of my dear children are waiting, ready and prepared in case they not only have smokey days but also flames coming along to their fifty acres of meadow on the mountaintop.

Whenever I have been inclined to complain about smoke, or when I hear someone else complaining, I always say "but no flames!!"

Rain would be nice...the garden looks perky in the morning, but by this time of night the pots are crying for their evening watering.

Last night after my evening stroll with Bruce I gathered up all the outdoor pillows and tucked them into the sun porch, in preparation for the rain the weatherman promised.  It DID rain, in Penticton, in Kelowna, and up the valley, but here in the semi-desert Similkameen, not a drop!

It rained in the Chilcotin, where the fires are prevalent, but it rained mud and ash, all over the windows, said he who had to wash them....

Well, anyway, the garden is golden in these hot, dry August days.

and in the evening I luxuriate beside the Nicotiana that grows in a pot next to the swinging garden couch, enveloped in its beautiful scent.

The evening are shortening, and it is time for Bruce and I to take a walk up the lane.

I will linger awhile and commune with the white blossoms
before I come in for the night.


The Weaver of Grass said...

I love nicotiana - your garden looks lovely and very Autumnal. I do hope you get some rain soon.

Hill Top Post said...

I'm sure any rain, even with mud and ash, was welcomed in the Chilcotin. Hopefully rain will come to your garden soon. I also love Nicotiana, but hadn't thought to plant it near our seating spaces.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Can't think of better aroma-therapy than your evening walk and commune with the nicotina.... Hoping for rain for you -- we've had a few spits here but not enough to do anythig (I did the same thing with our deck cushions, but it did't really work -- maybe we should tempt fate by leaving them out when there's supposed to be rain.0

sanpiseth40 said...

I do hope you get some rain soon.

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