Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Tripping in the garden..

ABC Wednesday
May 24th, 2017
The letter is T for TRIPPING

Tripping - 

a pretty big stretch here, but I am late with my post,

 and I have some garden pictures that do delight me,

and so I am going to show you what you see when you go TRIPPING 

 through the garden!!

The latest flower to bloom is the Iris..

It has grown tall, and the buds have been full and pregnant

This morning they were waving in the morning breeze

(a remnant from last night's fierce wind storm)

Just the common variety of Iris, but delicate and lovely all the same....

They join with the  Allium

(leaning up against the neighbour's fence)

and the ubiquitous but sweet ranunculus (buttercup)
that spreads itself throughout the garden
now that the Chinese Lantern Railway has
evidently found the winter too cold for passengers.....

a lovely yellow lily

the early peonies, which have just come into bloom

the lilac

the windflowers

and  the gorgeous quince blossom

The passionate orange poppy down the lane
is about to make our walks
(Bruce's and mine)
a cause to wonder and stand in awe.

here is the pretty pink fairy bell flower
whose proper name I have forgotten...

and the pure white bridal bush
that is now beginning to fade.

Beside it is the single white virginal peony
that blooms so generously
and this year is laden with full, bursting buds
which I will show you soon!

I will now take off the slippers I used for Tripping (no tulips left)
and urge you to visit ABC Wednesday
here with many thanks to all who make this meme possible.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Spring has certainly arrived with all its beauty in your garden Hildred - exquisite blooms.

Joy said...

A beautiful trip around your flowers. I love this time of year when suddenly all the colour explodes.

Melody said...

A colorful feast!

Have a nice ABC-day / week
Melody (team ABC-W)
Preview Round 21 starting july 12th :

NicolaJean said...

Mum, how I wish you would post on social media (your Facebook page particularly) links to your blog posts! Your posts would add moments of beauty and poetry to all our feeds! XO

betty-NZ said...

You have a wonderful garden and I'm so glad that you took us along on your 'trip'! The colors are fantastic to see as I am facing winter days here in New Zealand.

Reader Wil said...

Hi Hildred! Thank you for the lovely colourful tour in your garden. Your photos are so poetical. I also miss ABCW, but I was very tired and still am. Nothing to worry about, just old age. How are you doing?

Hildred said...

Getting older every day, Wil, but still firing up my enthusiasms the best I can......

Roger Owen Green said...

Another RIP worthwhile


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I so enjoyed my 'trip' through your garden. Such lovely memories of Spring (as it is supposed to be -- I know I've mentioned -- too often I'm sure -- the trade-off we make nowadays for having no winter...). I've taken a lot of photos of irises (in Oregon, where they are still sometimes blooming by the time we get there) ... many different colors and varieties, but the 'ordinary' deep purple is still my favorite.