Monday, January 04, 2016

January 4th, 2016

The Tenth Day of Christmas and I am taking down Christmas decorations slowly, carefully. randomly and stealthily so that our daughter, who loves Christmas, will not be struck down upon entering the house and finding the simplicity of bare-boned January staring her in the face.....They are just disappearing, one by one - two by two.....

When the light of Epiphany arrives and the sun comes shining through (surely the sun will come shining through by then....) all of Christmas that I am going to keep will  be tucked away tidily in the back bedroom closet,  dreaming dreams of wreaths and garlands, candles and bells.

I have a pretty plethora of Christmas decorations, - some of them are still in the church, waiting to be boxed up, and some of them need to be offered up to family who may want them for old times sake, to stir the blessed memories of Christmas when one was young.

Yes, we are finished with Christmas (though not the spirit) and the New Year (though not the resolutions) and we are well into a giddy round of birthdays!!

One on New Year's Eve, two on the second of January (mine and a sweet one year old great grandson) one on the fourth, and the fifth and the sixth and the seventh and the eighth and finally our youngest son on the tenth.  A mad round of parties, if one was into that kind of gadding about!

Oh look, if I had taken the picture from the other side it would have said 16, Great Expectations instead of Great Memories....

I will leave the Great Expectations to my dear little great grandson with whom I share a birthday, and hope they will eventually morph into marvelous memories for him, 
and for the other sweet great grands!

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Penny said...

Late Happy Birthday.