Thursday, November 05, 2015

Out and About

Now that summer is over and people have ceased lazing on the beach and dashing here and there for long week-ends and longer holidays, and now that the apples and the grapes have all been picked (except for the ice grapes, but that's another story) and fall has put away most of its glory for another season,  things are gradually getting back to normal and people are seeing one another again at meetings and gatherings and for lunch and a quick bite of supper.

It's nice, and one of the ways of coping with this melancholy, funereal month before the Christmas season permeates with Advent and the preparations of soul and body for the merry month of December.

It's good to be back singing again - the choir (and I use the word loosely) will be leading in old wartime songs after the Remembrance Day service on the 11th, as the Legion serves up their annual helpings of beef stew or chili to warm up after the gathering at the Cenotaph.

Tentative plans for Christmas celebrations are on the agenda at every meeting I go to, - the Royal Purple will travel to Kaledan for a celebratory lunch, - the Museum friends have plans to dine at the Wrong Turn Tavern.  For all the workers at the outreach Bargain Centre a thank you get together, with FOOD, and the Apple Tarts will have turkey at the Branding Iron Bar and Grill.  There, that agenda will give cause for great stirrings and friendliness......

In the meantime I was cheered and stirred greatly by a lovely outing with eldest son and his dear wife.  Out for a most delicious lunch in Summerland, at The Stone House (sole and almonds and a wonderful lemon sauce, followed by Creme de Caramel for dessert)

And then on to a marvelous a cappello program of sacred music, A Moving Stillness. performed by the Chorealis Vocal Ensemble from various towns in the north Okanagan.  I was full, right up to HERE, with the wonderful sound of harmony and stillness that seemed to echo down the ages from when many of the pieces were first composed and performed.

I appreciated the outing so much, - wonderful company and body and soul fed so beautifully.

My family are extremely good to me, all of them in different and loving ways
and I feel so loved and cared for.

Their father would be proud of them!


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I am sure youboth had an equal hand in bringing them up Hildred - so you may be just as proud of them