Saturday, September 12, 2015

Autumn Memories

Saturday, September 12th, 2015

Oh, a very warm day today, - summer has returned for one final hurrah.  Yesterday she was just around the corner, and so the warmth was  pleasant.  Today I came home from town to find the door handle hot to my touch, and the temperature well above 40 degrees on the porch!!

 I had a wonderful drive to Penticton to finalize my purchase of a hearing aid for my no-hearing-here-ear, - a transmitter that sends hearing from the good ear to the aide in the lazy one  Marvelous!!!!

I no longer have to turn my head and say, sorry, I don't have any hearing in that ear, - now I have hearing in stereo.  Not perfect, but so much better....

We came home along the Green Mountain trail, - narrow and windy but full of memories of the last time Charles and I drove it on September 18th, 2012;  Although it was a little later in the year things have progressed so rapidly since our early spring, and apart from today, and summer's return, we are well into autumn.

The rabbit brush lines the road - glorious golden splendor, - and the aspen and alder leaves quiver and shine like coins in the slight breeze.  I didn't take any pictures, but here are my memory pictures of that lovely last drive we made.....

 The peaceful meandering of this back road and the creek that runs beside it are a far cry from the busy highway it parallels.

deep woods line the pioneer trail that once stretched from Washington 
through to Summerland
and beyond.

The dryness of the current year has robbed this little pond and island
of a lot of its magic

and the greenery that surrounded it and was reflected in the still water
did not have the same appeal

back in the Similkameen

and so appreciative of the chance to take this sweet way home, 
and to stir some happy memories.


Barb said...

Wonderful memories, Hildred. Glad your weather is giving you a last hurrah of warmth. It is going to freezing here in the nights and aspens are turning. I love the little owl in your Header - he makes me smile when I visit.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

A beautiful journey in photos; strange how little bits of countryside can sometimes stir so many memories, this never seems to happen in towns and cities. Our summer had a last hurrah yesterday (lets hope it's not the last) and today it looks very autumnal.