Friday, July 10, 2015

Hemming and Hawing

Friday, July 10th, 2015

A third of the way into July, - it seems only hours ago that I was saying White Rabbits!!

It has been a torturous time, heatwise, but we now have the prospects of a little rain and mid 20's temperatures (as opposed to high 30's).   This inspires me to put aside my reading and reminiscing and get on with life!!  And it is where the 'hemming' takes first priority.....

First of all I must find a place for the ironing board, where it can be comfortable for a few days and not in the way, and that of course raises the question of 'why do I have so much stuff around taking up space - and furthermore, when am I going to remedy this situation'.

Well, apparently it will not be an immediate task so I move the spinning wheel and squeeze the ironing board into a corner of my bedroom,  (all the while thinking of the one my mother had in the 1930's, built right ito the wall). and I plug in the iron.  It's a start!

My daughter is waiting for a pair of pants that required a little lengthening, but what appeals to me most is the linen towels that left the loom almost a week ago.  Washed and pressed, but not yet hemmed.

I remember the shortage of 'findable' straight pins to secure the hems before basting - this the result of having cleaned out the sewing machine drawers and moving the sheet of straight pins elsewhere -
some mysterious place elsewhere the location of which escapes me!!

Ah well, I will make do with what I have.  As I pin and press the mistakes that I made in my weaving immediately catch my eye.  I think this is where I start the HAWING, but there, I know they will be treasured, skipped dents and all.....

I find a fine needle with a decent sized eye, baste the hems, after some difficulty in making a little knot in the end of the thread.  Despite having passably mobile hands  I find it very hard to twirl the thread into a small knot between my thumb and forefinger - but persevere with patience....  Done!

I put on some music, settle myself into a comfortable chair and prepare to "get it done".

Hemming is so mindless, like plain knitting, but so comfortable as your mind wanders and your eye follows the length and depth of the stitches.  A nice way to spend an evening, and while I do it I think about the cotton that arrived in the mail yesterday for a new warp to dress the loom, and weave up all those bits and pieces and lengths of cotton that linger in drawers and plastc bins.  They will make colourful wefts for tea towels to distribute amongst family.

I have no picture of hemmed linen towels yet, but here are some of the garden which has been flourishing in the heat, mainly because I have been a slave to the need for water in the pots and beds;
night and day, night and day!!!

and the linen warp as it came off the loom


Penny said...

Loving the photos of your garden when mine is bare and dull and cold.Like the idea of hand woven hand hemmed tea towels too.

The Weaver of Grass said...

This made me smile Hildred - the perils of getting old. I have the shakes and can no longer thread the sewing machine let alone use it. My eyesight is failing so I can't see to thread a needle. Still, we soldier on and manage to enjoy life one way or another. Have a nice, cooler weekend.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Your flowers show the results of your loving and constant attention! It is so hot and dry here too. I admire the people who keep their gardens looking lovely even more than I usually do! Thank you as always for your full-of-joy post!

Barb said...

A lovely post, Hildred. I like to think of those plants calling you for a cooling drink. Mine are being watered by storm clouds the last couple of weeks. Would like to see a photo of your finished towels - they will surely be welcomed gifts. Does you house retain heat or do you have a cooling system? Here in the mountains, it is often cooler on the inside of the house than outside! We are still wearing layers.