Sunday, January 18, 2015

Out and About

After a quiet week indoors that involved a little weaving, a bit of knitting, some baking and a new book it was lovely to get out two days in a row. 

Yesterday the weather was glum and gloomy, but today there was blue sky and sunshine as I went for a drive and a wonderful lunch at the Hooded Merganser with my one good friend from early days who is close by, and her kind and attentive daughter.  

We are lucky, both of us, to have daughters and daughters-in-law who are sweet and caring.

Saturday it was my regularly scheduled monthly day to go to Penticton with my DIL from Summerland.  It mattered not that the clouds encompassed the whole valley, skirting the bottoms of the mountains.   

We carried on, - found a new restaurant that serves an exotic collection of Bennys (Eggs Benedict) and lunched with our oldest son.  This was immediately after having coffee and muffins with a granddaughter who lives close, so it was a full-filling morning!

 A little shopping  sent me home with a new coffee pot that makes a steaming aromatic brew, pre-programmed the night before,  I can see that it will be inclined to influence the time I rise if I want that first hot cup before I am really wide awake.  Maybe I will pass on the pre-programming and go about morning ablutions while the magic happens......

The weatherman forecast great drifts of snow overnight in the Okanagan
and I feared it would cancel today's outing,
but the snow only fell on the ski hills, which made everyone happy!

As the morning wore on the clouds began to disperse and by late morning, 
time of departure, the sun made a rare and welcome appearance.

We had seen great numbers of ice fishermen on Yellow Lake yesterday.
Easy chairs, bonfires and the lake dotted with bright red tents
around many of the fishing holes.  Christmas presents perhaps?

No red tents today, but still lots of enthusiasts out for the day.

Along the Channel Parkway going into Penticton I saw a lovely sign of spring -
the sap rising in a willow tree,
the colour brilliant against the blue sky!

A last delightful outing - a shower for the new great-grandson, who was passed
around the room and slept in everyone's arms,

 while the next smallest
GGSon entertained all the ladies  with his sweet smile and
adventuresome ways.  A true Finch!


John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

Glad to here you've been able to get out and about at this difficult time of year. How uncharacteristically charitable of the weather to confine the snowstorms to the ski-slopes. How DO babies do that with their feet?!!

The Weaver of Grass said...

I love that smile and those little toes Hildred.

Isn't it good to see the willows turning golden - yes only six weeks to March. That will go quickly.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Wonderful outings, beautiful sign-of-spring tree .. (and your day with your daughter in law definitely sounds 'full-filling'-- all good-for-you food though of course. What sweet little boys your greats are!