Saturday, November 01, 2014

Out and About Part Two

A Post Script to last week's Out and About posting when on Sunday the 19th 
Susan and Margaret and I went on a lovely journey.......

We turned south through the Similkameen until we reached the Osoyoos turn-off, 
and then went up over the Richter Pass where the hills had donned their October garb, 
a lovely naples yellow.

and the skies on the other side sported wisps of cloud and a friendly sun 
breaking through to make the day  even more beautiful.

We skirted Osoyoos lake and drove to its farthest reaches, only turning back when we reached
the United States border

There is a back road between the towns of Osoyoos and Oliver, a portion of it called the
Million Mile, where the hills have all been planted to grapes and some of the most
successful and productive Okanagan vineyards are located.

Before we reach it the hills, in their virgin state, hide small clumps of deciduous trees
and small dwelling places

and the typical sage brush and rocky outcroppings

a few dilapitated and abandoned farm buildings
speak of early settlers in this southern valley

When we come to the vineyards the grapes hang heavy on the vines - a vintage
growing year with plenty of sunshine and hot weather to sweeten 
the fruit.

The wineries spring up all around us, and we make a note to come back at tasting time!

We stop in Oliver to shop a bit, and then continue northward, turning off at Covert Farms
to follow the Willowdale Road leading to the Yellow Lake Pass.

Past White Lake, and the White Lake Observatory that hides behind the little outcropping
on the right.  I note the fence post where in the spring I heard the first meadowlark!!

This lovely valley is gaining more inhabitants, - small farmers with small  livestock
and birds.  I look up the valley that cuts off to the west and remember
cross country skiing with friends, through to the old ranch and barns that
Charles recalled visiting with his parents in Depression days
when the pioneer settlers struggled to survive.

We arrive at Twin Lakes and the Golf Course where we spent so many happy 
and frustrating hours!

Soon we are back on the Highway that leads home....

As we near Keremeos I sigh a little, and think what an absolutely perfect
afternoon it has been, - good friends, lovely country, sunshine and 
gorgeous October skies.  Life continues to be good!


Penny said...

What stunning country, I would have loved to have actually seen it, but your photos are almost as good as being there.

Barb said...

Loved this drive, Hildred. What fabulous fall vistas. The old buildings are incredible. I learned some new things about you: I didn't know you played golf. And, I thought you liked a spot of sherry - not wine. I'm going to pour myself a glass of wine right now and say "cheers" to you! Keep enjoying and keep telling us about it so we can enjoy, too.

Anne at Shintangle Studio said...

My dear husband and I drove that road past the observatory last spring: it was the first time I'd been that way. We stopped and hiked for a bit, and then he painted a small landscape while I napped in the car. It's gorgeous country and feels far from everything. Your photos took me right back to that day. Thanks, Hildred.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

It really was a wonderful drive Hildred. Today's beauty sweetened by yesterday's precious memories! Your pictures are wonderful. I didn't (but should have) realize that there were so many vineyards in the Okanogan Country. It does make sense. I hope you do go back for tasting time! We've enjoyed that here in the Willamette Valley in past years.

The fall color is lovely -- thanks for sharing it all!