Monday, September 08, 2014

Wonderful busy-ness

Threatening rain, but I stop on my way down to the back garden where I must rescue cushions from the dampness by stuffing them in the garage....

I have just added one more welcome visit to this week's agenda, and I am so pleased with all the little notes I have made of things to do and people to see, I just had to stop and write it all down, here, in my first 'activity' posting since summer arrived and I started to vegetate with books and knitting and keeping thirsty pots satisfied.....

Today I will go and visit Margaret after a trip to the bank, and then on to a Museum meeting.

Tuesday I will take my knitting to visit with the crafty ladies at the Senior's Centre and on Wednesday dear family from the Fraser Valley will arrive for tea and orange muffins!

And then out for prawns at the Branding Iron with the regular seafood enthusiasts.

Thursday a baking session as I make a dessert for the Royal Purple Centennial Tea on Saturday, - recipe will follow.  It was introduced to the church and the community by Mrs. C., and also on Thursday I will be meeting with her daughters to arrange music for a Memorial service for her on the 20th.  I have been practicing 'Keep me in your heart awhile' as I have had advance notice that they would like this to be part of the service, - perhaps a postlude as the family departs?

Friday is the day for church bulletins and Altar Guild duties, and Saturday busy, busy, busy with this nice tea we are hosting for the community, - everybody welcome.  The Senior Singers will also be a melodious part of the afternoon...I do not have Charles' fine, sweet voice, but it is nice to share his friends in the group.

Somewhere in the week I have the offer of a Camera Drive with #3 son and that will be a treat.  I have not been down to investigate Ginty's pond for a long while, and although I had a lovely day with #4 son recently, when he was down from the Meadow, I didn't take as many pictures as I would have if the day had been sunny when we went to Summerland.

Well there, - I am infinitely grateful for September and renewed friendships, and here is that recipe I promised you.  Always a great attraction at teas, bazaars, fairs and other gatherings.

First of all you will need two sleeves of unsalted soda crackers, two packages of instant pudding mix (your choice of flavour - be creative even with vanilla) a litre of Cool Whip, thawed, four cups of milk and a 9x13 glass pan.

Beat the pudding and milk until smooth.

Line the bottom of the glass pan with crackers and spread one third of the pudding mix over top.

Add one third of the Cool Whip,  spreading it evenly.

Repeat this twice and then refrigerate for forty-eight hours.

Cut in squares on to a dessert plate and top with a fruit sauce of your choice, made thusly.....

Two cups of fruit (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, or any other berry or fruit your heart desires)
One cup of water, one half a cup of sugar and two tablespoons of cornstarch, cooked until thickened.

The texture of a French Napoleon and an enticing sweet sauce - bound to be a hit, and so easy!


The Weaver of Grass said...

I love having a full week like that Hildred, and having it all mapped out as you have, I hope you enjoy it all.
That recipe is totally impossible to translate into anything here in the UK as so many of the ingredients are just not available.

Barb said...

Well - now I'm hungry for the orange muffins again - Bob likes them, too. It's a rainy day here - maybe I'll bake some. You're so busy and involved - good for you, Hildred. I'm trying to learn a new camera and a new editing system - I think I'm building new synapses (I hope)!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

A wonderful week ahead. I am picturing the area where your family is coming from in my mind.

(I hope you got my e-mail earlier this week.)

We are waiting for Washington family to get home from work as I write -- not everybody is as old and retired as we are!)