Friday, June 20, 2014

Bits and Pieces

Life is divided into bits and pieces that keep me busy, curious and sometimes a little overwhelmed!

I had a discussion with one of the library ladies, - most helpful, very friendly - the kind of library lady who doubles the pleasure of opening the door to that wonderful scent of paper and print and people bent over the reading tables or searching the stacks.

When we talked about obtaining up-to-date DVDs SHE said, and I listened intently, - 'just order all the 2014 issues from the Central Library and take them out as they come in'!

So I went home and opened up the Library site and was delighted with what I found, - all sorts of great books published in 2014 as well as a goodly supply of film and documentary on DVD.

I clicked here, and clicked there until I had a healthy list of orders - a VERY HEALTHY list, I must say.  In due time (about four days) they began to arrive!!  Twenty-three in the first delivery......!!
Astounded, I looked through the disks and the books, picking out the ones most delicious and tempting, and leaving the others to sit on the library shelves until the first batch had been devoured.

Did I tell you that at the same time I had downloaded Diana Gabaldon's latest book in the Outlander series on to my Kobo ?????  No?  Well, that's probably because I knew it was a foolish thing to do, - it is now 78% read.  Of the stack I brought home from the library I have watched one DVD and read part of Alexander McCall Smith's new book, 'The Forever Girl'.  I am enthralled with what is going on in the 18th century and the time travel back and forth between  the American Revolution time and the late 20th century, and Gabaldon's marvelous imagination.

Is reading and watching DVDs the only thing I have to do?  Well, not likely....

I am taking a small photography course online which requires me to follow along and submit pictures if I want to be serious about learning the ins and outs of Exposure and Aperture and ISO.

All those pots I so diligently and happily planted in May need watering at least once a day,- sometimes twice if the afternoon gets warmish....  And the climbing roses are stretching out, not only on our side of the fence but also into the neighbour's space where he has to cut his side lawn, and I know that attending to this will not only get approval from 'on high' but I felt a definite urging until the job was satisfactorily done.

And then of course there is the Church bulletin, and changing the hangings from Pentecost and Trinity to green for Ordinary Time, and family to visit (first wonderful priority)
 and music at various places.
And June is the month for farewell luncheons before we plunge into summer and pop up in September in a new year of meetings and get-togethers and renewed energies.

Sometimes I think I may just end up in Bits and Pieces before I relax completely into summer somnolence, in a comfy chair, with a stack of books, and some entertaining movies.


John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

Life's like that. And getting all the bits and pieces to fit together to make a pleasing picture is a skill in itself. You seem to be achieving a satisfying blend.

The Weaver of Grass said...

It is wonderful to read of the life you have made for yourself Hildred. There is nothing like a long and happy married life to boost your morale for coping on your own. Everything sounds tobe going so well.

Nana Jo said...

Your flowers look so welcoming to eye and soul. I love the idea of changing your décor to Ordinary Time from Pentecost!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Your bits and pieces add up to a beautiful and satisfying life. This post delights me!