Friday, May 09, 2014

Leaps and Bounds

A wonderful soft rain overnight to dampen the seeds I planted yesterday - some Cleome, a patch of Nicotiana and some Evening Scented Stock (small and insignificant, but such a fantastic memory-stirring fragrance)!

Each morning when I go out into the back garden I am amazed at the growth from the day before - great fronds of green and a plethora of pregnant buds, and small, slower emerging plants pushing through (along with millions of tiny chamomile seedlings).  It's been a wonderful spring, - lovely warm days interspersed with cloudy, damp weather and night-time showers.  The blue bench cushions play musical chairs, - in at night, out in the sunshine!  Come with me and see what's growing!!

The sweet Bridal Bush I bought to celebrate our anniversary a few years ago, transplanted from the old garden and still as lovely and pure and fragrant as ever.

The Bleeding heart is three feet tall, and behind it the new white variety hides in the shade of an enthusiastic peony, begging to be moved into its own space.

The Oriental Poppy makes its intentions clear - 

and along the side garden the quince blossoms along with that pretty shrub whose name I do not know.

The lilac blends in with the mountain ash blossom, lending that old familiar perfume - a drive 
through the valley is like a trip through heaven with the lilac and the lingering late apple blossom.

A few of the early pansies I planted when nothing else was available in the garden shops.

Another tree (a type of Elder?) blossoming its little heart out!

No shortage of violets, - unfortunately many are the kind that don't blossom, - just 
grow with great exuberance amidst all the other flowers, but here
and there are sweet white and purple blooms.

Oriental Poppies, prepared to Pop!

And the Abraham Darby, with tender new buds.

In a little corner of the front garden, by the gate that leads down the utility lane,
there is a small patch of modest Solomon's Seal, with it's pure white bells tinged with a tender green.

Beside it one lone tulip, enormous, spreading its petals in the sun like a lovely butterfly

Suddenly some of the peonies are tightly budded, and showing their crinkled crimson papery interior,
along with a few visiting ants.

A newly planted pot on the front steps

and the lightness of the new growth on the evergreens that stretch over the neighbour's fence.

The Chinese Underground Railway is running behind schedule, but there are advance passengers
showing up all through the garden, along with the ubiquitous buttercups!!!

I take my coffee and some music out into the garden
and sit in wonderment and quiet communion.


Penny said...

lovely, here all is retreating for winter.

Barb said...

Your spring is speaking to me, Hildred! I love seeing all your blooms. You'll have a plethora of Poppies when those bloom! I was wondering about the Underground - so, they've found you in town? (Snow due tonight and tomorrow in the mountains and in the city - I don't think I'm going to be wearing my new capris to Mothers Day brunch!)

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Beautiful spring in your yard -- The bridal bush is especially wonderful and poignant. We missed the lilacs here -- at least at our daughter's.... I haven't been anywhere else much yet. But their rhodys, budding peonies, iris, (among many others) are wonderful. I too was thinking about your Chinese Underground Railway as I started reading the post and was glad to know it came with you.