Sunday, April 27, 2014

How I spent Sunday....

Out in the garden first thing in the morning, getting all squiggley and dirty, 
mixing soil and planting potatoes in the potato planting bag I bought last spring, 
 - just like this one only orange.....

You will notice the nice little flap at the bottom of the bag that enables you to  feel around
for those first small baby potatoes that are so delicious
with a bit of mint!

I had a few nicely sprouted potatoes left, so found a little spot at
the bottom of a bird house my
son-in-law made for the back garden
and tucked them in with a pat on the head and
a nice covering of potting soil and compost.

Time for coffee and a shower, and then I dressed
for an afternoon event.

The 100th Anniversary of the establishment of the Royal Purple Lodge,
an adjunct to the Benevolent Order of Elks.

I have belonged to the Purple for many years, and have many dear
friends amongst the organization.  It suffers from a lack
of new memberships among the young as so many
of the old institutions do.
New generations and new ways of doing things.
As a result we are small in numbers, but the bonds are strong.

To celebrate we had a Friendship Day, inviting friends in other Lodges to attend;
coming, if they wished, in fashions of a century ago.

I wore a big hat, white gloves, a nightgown ensemble I fashioned into a tea dress. and carried an old fashioned bag.

Many others came in similar costumes, although I think mine was the only nightgown there!

We had a delicious old-fashioned tea with fancy sandwiches and welsh cakes
and strawberry shortcake, and then played games that were popular in the parlours 
of the country one hundred years ago.

Snakes and Ladders, Pick up Sticks, Tiddly Winks and Dominoes, 
   and I have to say, considering the age of these ladies, 
                      most appropriate in that they were not too mentally strenuous 
            that they interfered with conversation!!

We all had a perfectly lovely time and I came home and had a small drink of
Orange Brandy and a pleasant dose of Reminiscence.



The Weaver of Grass said...

What a delightful idea Hildred - how nice tokeep it going although the young are not interested. You all look so happy. Love the nightgown!

Penny said...

Love it

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

What fun! It looks to me as if you're wearing a tea dress -- not a negligee ensemble at all! Games that don't interfere with conversation are the only kind I like.

Oh yes and back to the potatoes -- baby ones with mint. Oh my. Between that, your afternoon tea, and the small drink of brandy at bedtime virtual tastebuds have been quite satisfied. I enjoyed this whole entire day! Thanks for sharing it.