Friday, February 14, 2014

Pink and White and lots of love

Well, it's Valentine's Day, - not quite the same as the Valentine's Days of the past, - the ones in grade school when it was always a bit on the edge, - would you get a Valentine from the one you admired and REALLY WANTED to get a Valentine from - or not! 

Or the ones when our children went to school and you made sure that everybody in the class was given a Valentine by the ones who were bent over the kitchen table cutting and colouring  numerous hearts and flowers and arrows and gathering them together to post in the class Valentine Box - what an honour to be the Postman.

I passed a middle-aged fellow in the grocery store yesterday, cradling a large bouquet of spring flowers.  He said, with a wry grin, 'this should gain me some brownie points'!

Today in honour of Valentine's Day I have been plying some of the pretty pink and silk Polworth yarn that I spun with a skein of white silk left over from past projects, and thinking nice heartfelt thoughts as I did so.....




and hung out to dry....weighted, to encourage
a nice even ply...
What will I make?  Well, maybe a nice lacey scarf,  or a hat
or maybe even a pair of socks with a heart motif
to celebrate Valentine's Day.
Have a Happy Valentine's Day
and cherish the thought behind every loving gift
you receive - slightly grubby hand made cards are especially charming!


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

You've found a lovely way to make the day special while remembering the past!

Valentine's Day was such a fraught Holiday much anxiety .... apparently I wasn't a very self-confident child.

Nora said...

looks like you have a great project to do.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Well done you Hildred. Glad you were able to remember past Valentine's Days with some hsppy memories.