Thursday, October 03, 2013

A bright day despite the rain and clouds

One would wonder at my great elation and enthusiasm on finding a new Wool Shoppe in Penticton - The Knotty Knitter.  Not only is it a NEW wool shop, it is the ONLY wool shop in Penticton, the town having been bereft of any place to buy yarn for the last seven years since an arsonist destroyed the one and only wool shop and so discouraged the owner
that she packed up and went back to Nova Scotia.

The reason one would be inclined to wonder why I should be so elated can be found in the garage, where each of the shelves that line the west wall are piled high with cones and balls and skeins and hanks and pre-wound warps - linen, silk, fine wool, worsted, handspun, 10/2 cotton, 8/2 cotton, 16/2 cotton in all shades and varying amounts - but no self-striping yarn that makes those marvelous colourful socks so much in demand by kids of all ages.!!!

It is only a long narrow strip of a store, but what treasures it contains!  Even roving for spinning, and I came home with a lovely pink braid - polwarth with a touch of silk, anxious to crowd off the brown llama thread that has almost filled the bobbin on the spinning wheel for ages, since one leg got loose and kept falling off.

But our youngest son, who kindly took me to Penticton the long way round, so I could take pictures,


also fixed the leg on the spinning wheel.  

So what should I do first?????
Cast on for a pair of fingerless texting gloves to accommodate one of the grandkids for Christmas, or a moebus scarf for which one ball of striped wool should be sufficient? Or should I put on a good DVD and spend the evening spinning????


Tomorrow the Berlin Philharmonic Digital Concert Hall features Reinhard Goebel conducting among other presentations, some Mozart and some Bach.  Eight p.m. Berlin time, but just over the noon hour here in B.C.  A lovely way to spend the time,
treadling the pedal.....

Our children, - all of them - are so very kind and caring and fun to be with, and Vincent also came with me to THE FLOWER SHOP - exotically dangerous and full of temptations,
only to be entered with blinders that hide the side view as you go
directly to the object you are there to buy.
It is not only dangerous but the owners are crafty, and right beside the check-out counter they have a wonderful array of bouquets at cut prices.  One of which we came home with!!!!
Gosh, a bright day despite the rain and clouds.....



Barb said...

I can see you, Hildred, spinning and listening with a smile on your face. Two of your passions - yarn and flowers - no wonder your mood was sunny despite the rain.

Hildred said...

Yep, that's me, Barb - lots of serenity.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

So much joy in this post. I'm glad for the new store and the beautiful drive on the way there.

...will you post a picture of a mobius scarf sometime? I'd love to know what it looks like.

Glad your 'blinders' let you buy that lovely bouquet...bright colors needed this time of year!

Morning's Minion said...

Your photos taken on the drive to Penticton remind me of areas of Idaho and Washington. There are beautiful mountain views in the interior west and yet so many miles of rather deary sagebrush. I've enjoyed your last several posts although I didn't have time to comment when I read them. The final flowers of the garden are so cherished--lovely in their own right and the more so as we think of winter closing in.